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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by BRIAN GALLO, Apr 24, 2001.


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    Hey Guys,

    I need some advice. This Spring I am having a heck of a time out here in Western PA with cutting tall wet grass. It seems like its always raining, and I'm getting behind on my accounts. Even on a dry day, its like I'm trying to shoot mashed potatoes out of the side chute!! I have double blades on and I'm still getting a lot of clumps. I'm cutting with snapper walk-behinds (a 32 & a 48)and I have the blades as high as they will go. Any pointers or tips??
  2. Charles

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    You need more power pushing those double blades. 26hp+ would chop up wet grass better. But it still find it clumping around the tires. No way around some of the clumping
  3. awm

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    assuming you have the chute up and out of the way
    its tough.mabe high lifts and gators too.
    some of these guys will have an idea. good luck.
    by the way one solution is to send some of the rain down here nc. we gettin a little dry. later on
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    First of all it will be tough to get caught up cutting at 4 and a half or five inches whatever is your highest setting.

    We have the same problem at times. You have to be hitting these people every 7 days, and it is still difficult sometimes. On yards that are high, you have to bite the bullet and double or triple cut them if need be. The key thing is, treat every customers yard as if it is your own, because many people will see it.

    In my opinion, it seems that taller grass holds the moisture longer. The grass will tend to lay over giving an appearance of a sloppy cut. The highest setting you should be cutting at is 3 or 3 and half or you will be chasing your tail until your first dry spell.

  5. 65hoss

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    Cut it once real high. Let it sit while you trim and edge. This will let the air get to it some and dry it a little. Then do a fast second cut last. I've done this a few times and it works pretty well.
  6. Eric ELM

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    In wet grass, double regular lift blades work best. You don't want to be mulching it or it turns to mush. I'm not sure which is worst, no rain or to much rain. Either way is agrivating. :mad:
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    I've had to switch to single blades lately because of the excessive rain. I've found that it doesn't shoot out the clippings as far (disadvantage) but it doesn't cut them up as much which means less clumping. Sometimes I mow in an inward circle and just rake up some of the clippings on a tarp then mow it a second time and it looks great.
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  9. Grateful11

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    I'll say one thing for those mowers, they're not as expensive as I though they would be. I watched them mow some grass last spring at Disney World on the golf course and they were throwing the grass about 2-3' high off of those reel mowers, being pulled by a tractor. Then a guy with a wide drag came along and smoothed out the clumps. Then a guy with a shovel came along and slung the clumps, that were left, around to spread them out and then a guy with a tractor mounted blower came along and blew the clipping around until you couldn't see any of them. The mower had about 7 gangs on it. When they got thru it looked like carpet and they did this about every morning .
  10. Lawn Medics

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    i purchased a weed wacker from sears and i havent had any problems cutting tall wet grass. after using it i go over grass clippings with my lawnmower. i also charge extra for this.

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