Higher on the food chain?

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    Higher on the food chain?


    Let me start by saying, What a great site for people with our common interest. I wish I could view, and be a part of the forums more regularly....just not enough hours in the day. Or maybe my priorities are lop-sided?.....I have been a member since Oct. or so 2005 and only have under 20 posts. I see that I am a member, but I was reading some other posts from various members and I stumbled upon these two. The first member was labeled as having 505 posts credited, start date of Nov. 2004, and a status of Senior member. The latter was labeled as having 1,646 posts credited, start date of may 2003, and a status of bronze member.So, I'm just wondering how it all works? I can't wait till my status reads SENIOR MEMBER! At my snails pace, it may be a while though! I appreciate your time!
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    The different member categories are based on number of posts made on the site.... unlike many other forums, we do not count off topic posts made, so if you are posting a lot there your post count will not change.

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