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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by DanaMac, May 28, 2005.

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    Just curious to see if every region has highs and lows in the service end. With freezing temp climates/regions we have the spring rush of starting up and repairing freeze damage, so everybody calls at once. And then a freak cold front comes thru, breaks bonnets and the rush is heightened even more. Calms down July/August, pretty slow September. Then mid-Octoer thru November is rush time again shutting down and blowing out systems.

    Does the southern companies have these rushes an lulls in schedules? Or is it pretty even going all year long? SprinklerGuy #1 has found this out coming to Colorado from Arizona. Minimal freeze damage in AZ I imagine. At least nothing below ground. Maybe a bonnet or two when a quick cold front comes in. Maybe I'm wrong.

    My head was spinning from all the calls the last couple weeks. I've been sending work to SprinklerGuy just so I don't have to tell people 2-3 weeks. New customers are getting put on back burner, 10-14 days. Existing clients 7-10 days out. Emergencies and call backs we still try to take care of quick though. Previous employee is back for 3-4 weeks, which has helped tremendously!! All the quick little problems I can have him take care of.

    Starting to slow down now, so the 8-12 hours a day in the field, 2-3 hours calling and scheduling, and 2-3 hours of invoicing, QuickBooks entry, office work, is all easing up. I can breathe again!!!

    Oh yeah, taking the full 3 days off this weekend. Except a little office work so I can deposit some $$$.
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    Service here booms through the spring into July, mostly start-ups/routine work and small additions. From then until blowout season, our techs will spend more time on larger projects, like renovation work. They can work a pretty regular schedule for the most part.

    On install, spring is just as frantic because of so many houses having been completed over the winter. Then the warmer months come and we really have the ups and downs. Because it's so hot and dry (and we're doing installs on new landscaping that is being planted,) we have little leeway in our schedule so we're often working extreme hours one day to only early in the afternoon the next.

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