Hight Productivity Aerators: Ride on Lawn Solutions vs. JRCO 60" Hydraulic Tow Behind

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by VillageGreen, Aug 12, 2010.

  1. VillageGreen

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    We're looking to purchase a new higher efficiency aerator for use on 500-600 properties (8-12K sq. ft avg) this fall. We're looking at two models in particular: the Lawn Solutions Ride on Units and the JRCO 60" Hydraulic tow behind unit (for an Exmark or Dixie Chopper ZTR).

    I've reviewed some of the info on each manufacturers websites and they look like comparable machines. One is stand alone (Lawn Solutions), and one is an accessory/ add on.

    If you own either of these units I've got a few questions:

    JRCO 60" Tow Behind Aerator
    1.) Can I aerate at mowers 9-11 mph cutting speed?

    2.) Can this unit sufficiently pull cores from tough soil (i.e. high clay/ low moisture content soil)

    3.) How often do the tines need replaced?

    Lawn Solutions Ride on Aerator

    1.) How does this unit hold up over time and what repairs can I expect and at which intervals?

    If you own either of these models I'd like to know how well they work.
  2. Dan Nolan

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    I don't have answers for you but I have similar questions. I have tried a few aerators in the past. My set up now is fast and indestructible. I pull the 6 foot Ryan tracaire behind a Kubota 2910. I used to manage 250 properties ~8,000,000 square feet. I got that setup on every lawn unless there was a gate. I can aerate at the top speeds of the tractor ~10mph unless there is an incline where I need to down shift to medium. The only drawback with this setup is the size and transporting it along with my fert equip. I like the look of the lawn solutions ride on unit. It looks fast, solid and like it will make up in maneuverability what it loses in size to my current setup. It would be very easy to transport also. In fact I could easily fit two in place of my current setup. My questions are the same as yours. Durability and penetration in dry or (in my area) rocky soil. Also, how jarring is it (for the operator and the machine) when you catch rocks with lawn solutions machine?
  3. tobylou8

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    I have used a JRCO front mount unit as a demo and found the tines break rather easily (broke 4!). I don't know if the back would be any better. It will bounce along the top of the ground like any other aerator on dry/hard soil. JRCO recommends 4-5 mph (yea right). I also talked to guys that have the ride on units and they use them but don't like them. It is a very rough ride and makes for a very long day. One gentleman tried to sell his and it took 18 months before a newb bought it. I would guess most of your expense would be in trips to the chiropractor:laugh:! Also, watched the video and those didn't look like 3-4 inch plugs. I wouldn't spend 8500 on it. To get complete coverage you have to run over the previous holes. Kinda defeats the purpose?. But then again I don't have to do 600 lawns.
  4. humble1

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    JRCO is junk I poste dpics of all the broken tines i had a bout a year ago, thread got deleted at JRCO request. It doesnt pull plugs and the tines break off..

    feb09 021.jpg
  5. JRCO

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    That's not true, Mr Shaw. We did not request to have the thread deleted.

    We're still more than willing to help you, but to date you still have not contacted us. Just sending you parts will not help determine why you were experiencing tine breakage. Please call or email me when you get a chance.

    Furthermore, the Hooker aerator does pull plugs. They are loose (or soft) plugs that break apart when pulled to the surface as opposed to hard cores.

    I generally try to stay out of threads and let forum members freely discuss our products and express their personal experience with them.

    In regard to Village Green's original post, my "official, from the company response" would be:
    1. Yes, you can aerate at whatever speed conditions allow.
    2. The Hooker aerator was originally invented in Georgia clay soil so yes, it can aerate in those conditions. Obviously, if it's really dry you won't get as much penetration as in ideal conditions.
    3. Tine wear depends on many factors such as soil type (sandy soil tends to wear them down quicker), acres you aerate, etc. Tine breakage doesn't happen often, however, if you hook a tree root or rock just right, that can break a tine.

    Please continue the discussions. This forum is a great resource of information.

    As always, we welcome feedback and encourage anyone with questions about our products to contact us.

    Thank you,

    Bill Radintz
    Sales Manager
    JRCO, Inc.
  6. tobylou8

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    In defense of JRCO, the time I demoed the aerator it was a multi-purpose field in poor condition with rocks. It doesn't pull a plug. They don't say it will either. It's a soft plug just like it says at the website. I have 3 JRCO products and will not part with them. I have always found customer service to be excellent. Also demoed a reel mower (not a JRCO product) there and broke a blade on some pea sized rock.
  7. jnt412

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    I talked with a buddy of mine who owns a Landscaping Business as well and he mentioned that the JRCO front aerator has a hook in the tines. By seeing the pic above posted, I personally would not purchase it. We both use a tow-behind Lesco Aerator that has enough weight on its own to pull 3inch cores. I've added more weight and now pull around 4inch cores on average...

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