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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mattyg50, Apr 20, 2006.

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    i have a couple of apartment complexs that have some very steep hills. lately i have just been using the weed wacker, but is there anything out there that could be used for cutting grass on a steep incline? i can rember a couple of years ago there was this mower that used weed-wacker string to cut hills

    is there something out there like that?
  2. SEKscag

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    If it's over a 25 degree *or so* slope I just get alot of string out, get going full throttle and flat trim with my trimmers. You will get fast and pretty good at smooth trimming after awhile.
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    Hey,Rick do have any idea what those mowers cost ? Just curious,looks like a great product for specialized applications.
  6. rick2752

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    I think around 30k for a new one. Try traderonline.com see if you can find a used one.:)
  7. Encore Mfg.

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    3 Prowlers for that price....!

    Not knowing the actual property that you are cutting, I'd try to demo a Prowler to see if you can get it done for $20,000 less....

    The reason that I say our unit is a bit more of a hill because we combine the industry's first drive shaft deck on a mid-mount rider with an articulating deck that is not hung by chains from the frame like every other Mid-Cut rider... This will all our mower to go places others won't, hold side hills better, and give the best ride possible with the help of our standard full suspension seat.

    How does it work? A pivot system allows both front wheels to maintain
    ground contact over all kinds of terrain. Each side of the deck floats at a
    level distance above the ground. The result? An even cut through the
    whole job.

    Just my two cents!!

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