Hills and Slopes

Discussion in 'Industry Surveys & Polls' started by ThunderChicken07, Oct 3, 2010.

  1. rwaters

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    the HT is why you did not have any problems, the regular super z did not do as well on hills, the wheel moters seemed to loose some of their power on really steep hills the new one fixes that problem though.
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  2. brianslawncare

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    my scag turf tiger is awsome on hills. i also ues my exmark turf tracer 60 with a single wheel sulky.
  3. gasracer

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  4. naturescaretaker

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    I'm sorry guys.... I have yet to see any z-turn handle a 45 degree slope. Push mowers and walk behinds I have seen done but it is not easy. We constantly deal with slopes like that around retention ponds and it's a PIA.
  5. 8404

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    So here are some choices, only one of these are zero turn and it can mow up to 40 degrees the other will do 45degrees but is not a zero turn mower. and these all cost 30,000.00 plus. to own.



  6. cuttin-to-the-Max

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    I've even seen like backhoes that have a mower type attachment on the end so thats city workers can cut the grass right behind the "crash bar" on the side of the road alot safer!
    I'll try to find a pic
  7. gorrell

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    I have a Kut Kwick slopemaster and it is indeed a ztr and it does handle 45 degree slopes. It is one beast of a mower...................Lynn
  8. scagfreek

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    kut kwick is defentaly the way 2 go if u want a slope mower
  9. turfrider1020

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    well, i have mowed some extremly steep slopes with several different mowers, i have the best luck on steep slopes with a ferris is 3000, 2nd would be the stander with a fixed deck, and ferris walk behinds.

    ive never used a steiner, but i have seen them handle steep hills with ease, but who has that kind of money
  10. greenacres2010

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    scag turf tiger does great on steep slopes running out the hill not up and down. I can hold a hill better going sideways up and down scares my when its really steep. UP is ok down is not when the tires lose traction and it takes off like a rocket, then its either jump or ride it to the bottom

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