Hills n belts dont mix....what to charge now???

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by NNJLandman, May 2, 2006.

  1. NNJLandman

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    Got a question for yall, I hope i get some good replys, last week i sent two guys out to cut one lawn because it was a bit further then most of my lawns and i had some things to take care of. Anyway the guys cut the entire front except for a small strip and about half of the back of the place, before the drive belts were slipping to much. Okay now with that said this place is pretty hilly especially the back, its flat for about 50" then on either side up to the front and down the rest of the back yard its a big slope....the property is like a set of steps, flat-slope-flat-slope-flat-slope etc...so the guy hires us....says dont start cutting to may....okay watever, calls us the last week of may says the lawn is extremely high i need it cut now....my guys get there and they said it was about 4-6" of grass and thick....irrigated lawn and they saw fert. that he musta spread making it GROW. So they were triple cuttin bagin and layin lines but with the lawn being so thick and wet from irrigation the mower was having a hard time...they said it was stalling etc. so they left the lawn and brought it back....i tuned it up new drive belts, but the customer was a bit upset, i said Id go back and finish it sorry. Would you charge him for the first cut, I cut it on a friday and didnt make it back to tuesday, he is now a tuesday customer so i just recut the entire lawn while i was there to finish fridays work....Would you charge him the 3 plus 1 or what.

    Thanks - Jeff
  2. Richard Martin

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    Since you only completely cut the lawn 1 time that's what I'd charge for. If his lawn needs to be cut more often then you need to work that out with him. You let him dictate the mowing schedule and that's wrong.
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    I get the feeling this guy's just another in the endlessly long line of dime-a-dozen jerks who all want something for nothing while this one just might fit the far-worse category. As for me, I'm to the point someone pulls a stunt like the above on me (gee don't cut it until later and then when I get out it's up to my calves), I keep right on driving and when they call to complain it falls on deaf ears, I don't even speak to folks like that anymore.

    No offense, it just sounds you found one of those who likes to jerk our kind around, should have let this one go on sight but it's never too late. I could be wrong but try and charge extra and see what he says, I can guarantee he'll say oh nooo...
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    i just had a lawn i startd, quoted them $125 for what i thought was 3~ acres, ends up being 5+... my fault, anyway, after the first cut taking easily 2hrs with a helper.. i didnt like the fact the woman bidded me down to $115 because she stated i was the same price as her old lawn service. So for not even $60 per hour running around the 61" ztr mower for 1.6hrs strait, im wanting to charge more. Then they call and reqeust i move their trampoline for them and cut under it, trim around some woodden box 200ft into their back yard and cut along a fence which I DOUBT is even their property near their driveway that is another 50 yards long... If they dont pay me to fix their crappy front lawn to this mansion, im gonna drop this account in a heartbeat. I wanted the BIG lawn and it is fun driving around like this but my hours are worth X amount of dollars and im not making it here.

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