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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by dblakley, Apr 26, 2005.

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    I have a residential customer that has a steep hillside to mow. My walker rider will not handle the incline. My snapper self propeller push mower is not good enough either. I'm looking for recommendations for some type of mower to do this hillside with little effort. Lawn is in closed in area so mower will have to stay on property.
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  3. MOW ED

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    If you are a licensed applicator then spray it with a PGR if they are allowed in your state. Otherwise a good pair of boots and a string trimmer will bave to do unless you can push a hi-wheel mower. Post some pics or give some more details about the site.
  4. Pumper

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    How steep is the hillside? How much other mowing do you do at this account? Hustler makes the ATZ which may work. It is designed to back up steep hills. The bar type tires are actually turned around so give you better traction when backing up. They also made a hillside mower but it was a lot more money. I don't think they still make it but you could probably find a used one. Dew-Eze also makes a hillside mower but again, I think it is pricey.
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  6. Itsgottobegreen

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    A wright stander would be a good choice. Just lower the rear tire pressure to 8psi and she will climb anything. We do a lot of hilly properties that no one else wants to touch.
  7. The Captain

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    I do the back side of a dam in a residential subdivision. About 2 1/2 acres @ about a 2:1 (45 degree) slope, 200' up/down. I've been using my 48" Skag wb across the face with good results. 17hp has enough power and cut looks good. (I even have some good stripes.) Home owner that did this cut before said he rolled "a rider" and decided to let a so called 'pro' do it.

    Just be carefull on steep slopes and do them when they're dry.

  8. mastercare

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    Do you really want to go spend money on a new mower for 1 customer?

    I would say to use the whip....or lose the customer. I can't see buying a specific mower for each specific circumstance!! You could throw that money at some advertising, and pick up enough customers where you can pick and choose which properties will be easiest for your equipment....and make some extra $.

    A mower is an expensive investment for 1 or 2 customers. Somtimes you need to politely decline properties that are difficult or can't be done with your existing equipment.
  9. ScCo

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    hustler super z....that is what we keep on the trailer with our walker mowers....nothing we can't handle with those machines and trimmers.

    I'll try to get some pictures of a couple of hellacious slopes that we use our super z's on. As long as the machine is angle ever-so-slightly uphill while crossing the face of the slope, it will handle just about anything.
  10. David Grass

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    You must be using a 42 or 48 on your walker, IF you move up to a 52 SD, with lo pro tires, you can beat a Hustler super Z. I did. but, sounds like the slope is more than what either can do???

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