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    Anyone have any scary stories from riding your ztr or any mower on a hillside. Yesterday I was mowing a pretty steep hill and was surprised how well my mower did on it.
    I was wondering if anyone here has ever flipped one or anything....anyone survive it unhurt? ;)
  2. pjslawncare/landscap

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    We sort of specialize in hilly properties. Got plenty of stories. We mostly use walk behinds for the really steep stuff.
    One funny story, we were doing these two homes with big steep back yards and next door I saw this scrub with his craftsman lawn tractor trying to chop down this steep hill side of tall weeds. I can see this big fat guy sitting with a coke and sandwich watching the other guy just about flip his run away tractor down the side of the hill. I just happend to look their way as he was on two wheels trying to gain control. I pulled up to him and he was shaking and asked me how I would go about cutting that hillside. I just laughed and told him to put that craftsman back in his little truck and him & his fat helper should weed eat the hillside. He mentioned that they were only getting $20 for the job. I wished him good luck :waving: He looked as if he was gonna cry as I mowed off into the sunset. I can still picture him standing there with his cap that read "Lawncare" on his hollow little head
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  4. lawnandplow42

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    i know a good true story.
    A stupid guy out behind my house had a lawn tractor mower come down on top of him. The blades gashed through his face and neck, and basically tore the top half of his skull off. It was a complete bloody mutilation on the lawn.
    A few firemen/EMTs at the scene were even vomitting.

    I'd imagine this wasn't an open casket funeral!
  5. jimslawns

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    "The blades gashed through his face and neck, and basically tore the top half of his skull off. It was a complete bloody mutilation on the lawn.
    A few firemen/EMTs at the scene were even vomitting."

    That's Nasty, :eek:
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    Yeah right like we are going to tell bad stories on ourselves for others to laugh and make fun of. That would be like me coming to work and telling my co-workers that I cut my knee with a chainsaw while trying to remove a stump . . . . . Ah whoops, never mind.

    Nah just joking. I flipped a ZTR on a hillside. I was mowing around a pine tree, lost traction, slid down the hill, hit the sea wall, flipped over and into the lake. I was standing in mud sinking, while trying to hold the mower from flipping into the lake, all while it was spewing fuel onto me. My Dad happened to be with me that day and pulled the mower back onto it's wheels and helped me out of the lake. He still says it's the scariest thing he's even seen, and I feel bad for scaring him. All I got was a few scratches, a few bruised ribs, and my pride hurt real bad!
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    Has anyone ever flipped a walk behind on a hill? Sadly we have, not once but twice (same hill). Started to slide and the tire hit a deep rut causing it to flip multiple times. Luckily no damage to my employee or the mower.
  8. slicksilverado01

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    I flipped my old scag tiger cup twice.
    1. the first time was kinda dumb... This one yard I mow had only steps to get to the back yard (the back yard is 3 acres) and had a 4foot retaining wall around the front that was open and a fence all around the rest. I had a pair of ramps that was rated at 1000lbs.
    well one day when going up the ramps on the wall and the one ramp broke and slipped out and the mower landed upside down. All I had from that one was a scraped elbow from the concrete.

    2. the second time was really dumb....Mowing an extermly steep dam at my grandfathers place. mowing up the hill and it the hill is wet from dew....I was backing down the hill and went to stop and keeped slideing so I slammed the sticks forward to keep from falling into a 6 foot deep runoff creek with big pointy rocks in the bottom. well the tires spun forward and all of a sudden I got traction and the mower front end fliped straight up and sat for a second. Me being basicly upside down I started slipping out but the mower came crashing down on me and the motor smashed my head causing brain trama, the seat cut my side and I got 12 stiches and twisted my ankle. I was stuck under the mower for 3 hours. and finally my grandpa showed up called 911 and flipped the mower off me...the last time I mow that damn dam with my scag.
  9. lawnandplow42

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    My boss flipped flipped a mower right into the road. Luckily he was ok.

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