HindSite Software Releases Go iLawn Integration

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    Integration helps contractors build revenue opportunities by measuring properties within HindSite

    HindSite Software today announced the release of a new integration with Go iLawn to their field service industry customers. The integration enables HindSite Software customers to leverage the power of Go iLawn to measure properties from within the HindSite field service management software solution.

    The new integration helps field service businesses likelawn care maintenance businesses, snow plowing businesses and irrigation businesses grow thanks to access to property measurement tools they can use without ever having to step foot on the property. The square footage and perimeter of a yard, flower bed, parking lots, mulch beds (and much more) can be measured, saved and accessed from within the HindSite field service software solution.

    “We’ve seen the power of Go iLawn,” explains David Crary, HindSite’s President and founder. “Our goal at HindSite is to eliminate inefficiencies and deliver software for field service businesses that helps them focus on activities that grow their business. We’ve jointly developed a solution with Go iLawn that eliminates inefficiencies and truly helps small service businesses focus on growth.”

    HindSite and Go iLawn announced a strategic partnership in July. The recent release of the integrated HindSite solution is the culmination of development and beta testing that occurred over the past two months.

    About HindSite Software
    HindSite Software has helped contractors better manage and grow their business with service management software since 2001. Designed by an irrigation contractor, HindSite assists field service businesses with scheduling, contact management, field data collection (e.g. mobile field service software), and invoicing in QuickBooks®, Sage Peachtree®, and Simply Accounting®. This paperless work order management software has been proven to increase efficiency and organization; meaning greater profit potential with less administrative time for HindSite contractors.

    About Go iLawn
    Go iLawn was created in early 2009. Its purpose is to apply Internet technology to reduce the time and cost of property measurement for the lawn and landscape industry. From inception, the Go iLawn development team
    worked closely with landscapers across the country to create the contractor-focused software it is today. Millions of properties have been measured with the Go iLawn software. For more information, visit www.goilawn.com

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