Hired my first guy from a temp agency.....

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ElephantNest, Jun 22, 2004.

  1. ElephantNest

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    He gets $7.00.hour, costs me $11.68, but all insurance, workers comp, etc. is taken care of. Got an older black gentleman, worked his ass off all day. Gave him a $10.00 bonus at the end of the day, and made him very happy. He said he will be ready bright and early tomorrow. My guy failed to show up Monday, no phone call, or anything, so......he's gone. This temp agency says that 80% of the time, they can get me someone within an hour. Sweeeet.

    Anyone else have any good luck with temp agencies?

  2. MacTruck

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    Ive never hired anyone from there, but I have worked through them. I can tell you this, he got REALLY lucky with this assignment and will most likely work out great. Ive found working as a temp that a good 80% are good hardworking people. The other 20% are out of their mind on some kind of drug or just insane.
  3. TJLC

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    I use a temp agency when I need help for the very same reasons you list. Mine costs me $11.00 per hour and so far has been well worth it not to have to mess with all the legal stuff. I have had a couple not so good workers but all in all decent luck so far.
  4. Turf Medic

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    We have had excellent luck with temp workers. If they don't work out, no problem sending them back mid-day. You can also usually keep the same temp as long as you need them. Only thing that we have had to deal with is requesting specific workers, usually they need a few days notice if you want a specific worker back. Make sure you keep the names of the people that are or are not good, we have a list of people that we will accept and a list of people we won't allow back on the job. We also try and keep track of the phone numbers of the really good ones, temp people have a tendency to move between agencies and it helps to be able to call them direct. Using temps makes it nice if you want to bid a big job and need several workers without having to go through the hassle of hiring and laying off.
  5. DFW Area Landscaper

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    I may have to call one in the morning. This morning, it was raining and my employee never showed up for work. He called at five minutes after starting time and said "it's raining, but when it stops, call me at this number."

    Well, it stopped raining 1.5 hours later, but when I called, the number was busy...all day. I started working solo a few hours later and had to call several accounts this evening and tell them we'd be out tomorrow. He knew we had a ton of work to do today. He never called me. This is the last straw. One more screw up like this and he's gone.

    DFW Area Landscaper
  6. DFW Area Landscaper

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    Jumping from $7.00 per hour to $11.68 is a big jump, in my opinion. Unless you are still paying $11.68 for hours after 40 in a week.

    Here is how much it would cost me to pay someone $7.00 per hour:

    8% for workmans comp insurance
    2.7% for unemployment taxes
    7.6% for social security taxes

    That works out to $8.28 per hour, assuming no overtime.

    DFW Area Landscaper
  7. BSDeality

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    the temp agency doesn't want to work for free.....
  8. ElephantNest

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    Thanks, I see your point, without a doubt. Thing is, I can't really offer some one a full 40 hours, so hiring has been tough. Friends try it, and all fall out. Or don't show up. Or work like they are doing me a favor. Etc.

    If I had enough hours for them, I'd hire a person with experience, and pay them well. I pay my friends $10.00/hour when they help me. I don't need a temp for my lawns, I don't dare put one of them on any of my properties. I am using them for clean-ups, garden work, etc.

    This morning, I dropped my temp off at a clean-up, while I brought my truck to the dealer, got a loaner, made some calls, etc. Got back to the job and the guy had the entire trailer loaded, many large bags of debris filled, fence posts out and on the trailer, three inch layer of pine needles about 20'x30' bagged, and the entire yard cleaned enough for me to mow. I was very impressed. Then we go to the landfill, and he hops out yanking stuff off, I mean moving! I told him a saw a beautiful relationship in the making, bought him a gatorade, and gave him $10.00.
  9. chuckers

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    the advantage of temps is being able to shuck and get a new one with one phone call so it is worth the extra

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