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    hay guys:

    I have been needing some help, so I ran me an ad. however it's starting to slow down a bit, and as an employeer, I will have a responsabilty to maintain jobs and the quality of life to an employee.

    I had a call today from a guy who has a job. but it's in the next town over and he said the drive is killing him. I'm sure I can keep him busy NOW, "because of the research I have done" but here in a few weeks I forsee things slowing down quite a bit...

    I have informed this guy of this and he said it's ok, But I hate to take someone from a 40 hr a week job to a maybe 40. and possable a nothing.

    my Q is.... how should I handle this, and how do other LCO's handle this issue.

    thank you
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    If he is aware of your issue and he doesn't have a problem with it, there is no problem. In October, I am going to start upselling landscaping, hedge & tree cleanup, and holiday lighting to get me through the off-season. No snow plowing here, or there to the best of my knowledge. If he knows that you are trying to drum up more work when it slows down, he will appreciate that.

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