Hiring a model for door hanger duty and possibly more....?

Discussion in 'Employment' started by Exact Rototilling, Jan 25, 2013.

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    Yes that's right....I’m considering running an ad for door hanger people in the modeling jobs section of craigslist or paper etc....? I'm willing to pay more than $8 an hour and more for the right person/persons + % commision.


    Okay...hear me out on this. Males are viewed as more threatening and a potential risk. Even though I look clean cut, no tats or piercings... I’m 6’ 3” and potentially imposing walking up to a door. I often pick up on the caution yellow flag out there in body language and actions when doing my own runs. In our world now days males are viewed as potential threats and suspects. Females are obviously less threatening.

    The last few years MY AREA has been hit with numerous home invasion tactics based on solicitation. People are generally very leery these days.

    Just this last summer I was on my route in a more affluent area and the cops pull up and ask if I’ve seen a male in a blue jacket walking the neighborhood. Sure enough a few minutes later I saw a balding middle age slightly overweight male with a blue jacket getting questioned by the police. As soon as I saw him I could tell he was soliciting and/or doing flyer/door hangers. Case in point if it had been an easy on the eyes lady mid 20’s maybe early 40’s....? The cops probably would not of been called.

    To reduce the apprehension factor for clients even when I show up for invited estimates at residence for the first time. I always knock and or ring the bell and step back down 1 or 2 steps. On numerous occasions I’ve had total strangers [new clients] on the spot pre-pay for XYZ with zero paper work. I do well on selling but the “ice breaking part” is tough for me.

    The gym where I work out I saw a kid 17-19 ish walking in who carried himself well and he struck me as a good fit for what I'm looking for, clean cut, good persona, not arrogant or impossing and good energy. If I had fixed location retail store and he walked in asking for an application he’d probably get hired on the spot. In my past at regular time clock jobs....I would often get hired not far from this same manner. How on earth do you approach people in public for door hanger possible solicitation and not come across as a stalker or you’re trying to hit on someone....? Serious question!...? :dizzy:

    Case in point I tried to hire a young lady a few years back in similar fashion who I viewed as a great fit+ for the job and I created a rather awkward situation. :(

    • What I’m looking for is someone who can do door hanger runs on a part time basis per hour pay with % commission on services anchored even if there is no selling or person home. Resident is home simple brief greeting here you go blah blah have a nice day. There has to be an incentive for good energy.
    • Plus for the same person possibly be open to do some onsite estimates [heavier commission +] for focused limited services possibly through out the year. It really is super easy sell service. Not saying what it is publically but I’m 99.999% confident it will sell extremely well and I will be extremely busy early on in the season. The specific properties can be easily spotted.
    • In a perfect world – I would like the same person be able to help with the actual work when avaible even if they have a full time job. If they are willing to work and have free time send me a text and meet up with me on the fly.
    • Now this will be even tougher. Ideally the person would live in the service area. I’m even open to single parents with a younger child maybe two along for the walk. Grandmas eat that up when they see it. :) This season I will be having my 12 year old son help me on Fridays doing just this since his private school has Fridays off.

    Maybe my expectation are too high and I’m living in a dream world with utopian expectations.[​IMG]

    Anyone have any success with this angle....?

    I really need to have somebody lined up here fairly soon. Possibly more than one person.
    Any input greatly appreciated.

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  2. alldayrj

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    I think all your points are valid. I sometimes see peoples body language when they open the door too.
    You're looking for a model who can sell
    I would look for a person who is motivated to sell and happens to be a woman or frail man(haha). But nobody can sell YOU like YOU
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  3. Exact Rototilling

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    That's very true. Total Turf maintenance is not rocket science though... I'm just.a.text away on my.phone. Any struggles.or.questions are.pretty quickly.answered. I.hear 98% of incoming texts and.can.reply quickly. I'm totally willing to train and invest in the right person even on a part time basis....just would be a drag to train someone with what I know.then.have.them.bail.

    I may have to do.all aspects solo.again.this year. Hoping my.son.isn't bored to.tears with it when.he.gets.dragged out. Time will tell....
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  4. Will P.C.

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    I know I look out the window/peep hole when I hear the door bell if I am not expecting anyone. I don't bother opening the door if I see a 'blue collar' person attempting to solicit or hand out a piece of paper. However, I would mot likely open the door if I saw a nice looking woman even if she was selling something.

    It is a well known fact that attractive/men woman get a higher response rate in the ad world versus an average Joe or obese Olivia. Men might sign up for your service on the spot just to 'please' the attractive woman.

    Hopefully you know a woman you can ask as you will have a hard time finding one via the conventional employer routes.
  5. JB1

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    Bottom line is people don't like to be bothered at home with people coming by trying to sell them stuff.
  6. Exact Rototilling

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    True. This is not a direct sales, door.knocking drill. I would only do low.key very brief.sales.door drills on a specific service. May not.even.get that far. I.could.end.up.getting so.slammed with work that would.never.happen. Part of.the reason I.really want.someone who.also.run.equipment and not break.a.nail or sweat a.bit.

    None.of.my.equipment is.beyond to ability of an even reasonably athletic young lady.

    I'm going to be blunt here. I tried numerous times to get my sons mom who I'm for.the.time.being.still.legally married.to to.help.me. She did help some at.the start 2008/2009 but it just doesn't work out....add it.to.the list. Too hot...too cold....to.heavy....can't start.this....or lift this. This hurts...that hurts. Un willing to learn to drive.and.pull trailer. My 2 hours is.up....later. I taught.her.to.drive.stick back in.the.day. Couldn't do it now. We have a tandem kayak that will.never.be.used.by.the 2 of.us.ever.again.

    The really sad.part is my son 12.has.now.learned much of her less than.ideal.weather.traits. Too hot, too cold, too.sweaty, I'm tired etc. Her family.sees.it but refuses to call her out on it.

    I'm hoping to.break.the apron strings this.year and.get him to man.up.with dad a day.or.2.per.week. Sweat and.get.dirty while.she.works.for.someone else and break him of those habits from mama.

    The jobs not.really that.hard. It not.like pulling timber off a green or.dry chain.in.a mill. Just lift 50# pounds here.and.there.maybe #75 like UPS does few times.a.day.

    Nuff of that tangent.....sorry for.the rant/vent.

    Anyhow I.dread.having to.sort.through a.bunch.of applicants from a full public listings. Thought about posting a listing at the gym.with lifting requirements off 70#. 8 min mile run. ?

    I thought of.maybe.hiring a.female.personal trainer....?

    Don't mean to sound frustrated but I am. I actually burned a bridge or two with my other.biz to clear.the.deck for.what I'd rather do.
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  7. Above Par Lawns

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    I like the idea a lot actually. I totally agree that I hate when people come knocking on my door to sell something. Matter of fact, I had the Mormons bothering me today. I won't even answer the door most of the time someone knocks. I guess for me as a new home owner I just naturally get in a defense mode when the door bell rings and I'm not expecting anyone. I'm not sure why that is, but it happens. "Who the **** is that" is the first thing I think. And it's highly doubtfull I'm gonna buy something from them in that case. But if it's a kid selling candy, or a female I would just naturally open the door and see what they want. I think you're on to something here. I may give this a shot, and I know the perfect candidate I think. She doesn't really have to have a wealth of knowledge about Turf Maintenance, just the main services we're trying to sell at the moment. All you're wanting her to do is just get them to call you. She has to convince them it'd be worth their while and I can upsell my services from their. Getting them to call you is the hardest part.
  8. wegomow

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    Are they just hanging the door hangers or ringing the bell? If door bell ringing, that sets off a pavlovian response in people and dogs. Then you are selling to a defensive person. Hard sell.

    If you are just looking for a non threatening person to just hang hangers I think that i a good idea.
  9. clydebusa

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    I agree.:drinkup:
  10. Exact Rototilling

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    I hope these post don't come back to haunt me but this entire angle of presentable professional, physically fit door hanger people, employees etc. is the only way I will grow my Co.

    If they have tats they need to be tasteful. Same for piercings. No smoking ever on property or my rigs. No chew spit during working hours either. Can't really pull all this off unless a modeling standard is there with solid customer service skills.

    A number of my clients are upper crust professionals. They implicitly trust me and my judgment and the care and control care of their dogs in a fenced area. They have even said they trust my judgment if and when an employee suddenly shows up.

    I have never doubted for a second my plans and goals for my Co. are attainable and viable. There are several things I'm frankly not good at and am literally half speed at or worse. The daylight working hours conflict with my other biz has been squelched and now has opened the doors for this season.

    Since my standards are what they are [too high] I fully realize they will mostlikey already have full time jobs+. If I can only get 2 – 4 part time candidates on deck who are cross trained in most areas who can flow and work with everybody, looking to make extra decent money and like to work outdoors etc. WE ALL WIN. The problem with this biz is the seasonal factor of it and the feast and famine aspects of it attracting the employees I’m looking for. This is why I have concluded part timers are where its at.

    Once I can get enough sustained cash flow I can hire a book keeper, phone call interceptor and logistics coordinator, also someone to take over marketing ideas, web site duties and run with them and help implement them so I don’t tangled up in details while Rome burns. This is probably a better job for someone older semi retired who works from home.

    I already reside at a location that has room for substantial growth with zero zoning conflicts. I may even consider purchasing the property if I can break through this bottle neck.
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