Hiring a model for door hanger duty and possibly more....?

Discussion in 'Employment' started by Exact Rototilling, Jan 25, 2013.

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    100% agree. I don't like telemarketers either.

    There are better ways to advertise. More and more neighborhoods are posting no soliciting signs.

    Down here, it's trespassing. :)

    Some of the successful guys I work with provide good service when they are in the neighborhood. These guys have ZERO signage on their trucks (which I've always found odd) but because they are pleasant and the workers are actually decent to talk to and do good work, they seem to get house after house on the same street. Something to think about.
    I think the model idea is cool but might backfire. I'd hate to send a pretty girl to the wrong house/neighborhood with a creeper just waiting for that type of encounter.
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    It's not a bad idea in theory and have tried the attractive female angle in the past. The results were no better and the turnover rate was crazy. I was paying $12/hr just to do door hangers and giving as many hours as they wanted and paying cash the day they worked. Most of them would work 4-5 hours the first day then maybe 4 hours the rest of the week and I'd never hear from them again.

    Then it'd be a struggle to get back the door hangers they had left over. It's just extremely difficult to find somebody who will stick with the door hanger job. I'd just try to find somebody that will stick with it and make sure they don't look like a total slob when they're out. Tucked in collared shirt, pants, and maybe even one of those lightweight hi visibility mesh vests so they look "official". If you can find somebody who will get out 1000+ per week consistently treat them well b/c you're lucky.
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    I believe it is a great concept like you stated, but the logistics of it is difficult. The good people Already have jobs and lives or even second jobs.

    I think it would be a great for a husband wife/GF team ...and they share a common goal. Wife/gf could even take vacation time or schedule time off of work.

    Oh well maybe some day....:rolleyes:
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    I am currently networking with a few people I know for distribution help for door hangers/ flyers etc. I'm not closed off to hiring males but they need to be very presentable and cordial. I'm not about to shift through responses from an ad or full public channel. If I can get help great...if I don't I'm just going to do it myself as long as I can until I can't keep up with it all. I know my numbers for the year will be well worth the effort of lining up a few PT people. As for lawn cutting per say marketing pretty well ends in May. For the other area I'm seeking exponential growth this can be done through out the entire season but at a slower pace.
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    Forgot to ask what is a motivating wage for this...? Minimum wage will not cut it. $11-$15 per hour...?
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