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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by DiscoveryLawn, Oct 20, 2005.

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    I am a fertilization company. No mowing or landscaping. I am going to hire a salesman to help me grow faster. I want this person to generate his own leads via door to door sales and flyer distribution. He will earn a generous commission, no salary. I tried this a few weeks ago and worked out great. However, it was so great, I suspect it may have been a fluke. The guy I hired only worked for one day (5 hours) and generated over $2,000.00 in sales. He earned $200.00 in commissions on his first and only day! I have since picked up several other accounts through referrals from the new customers.

    The guy I hired a few weeks ago was a friend and he already owns a mowing business. He just did that for me that time to earn some quick money.

    My question is, how can a small time fert. company like mine find a good salesman? The money is there for the right person (if he is a good salesman) but how do I convince an applicant that my little one man show (for now) can generate a good living for him? Also, where do I look for such an individual?

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    First a small time fert company. 1 Truck, 2 trucks? Tech leading would be your 1 step. Have your tech knock on doors around exisitng lawns you service. leave quick estimates. Work on Saturday. Most visible. Do this 2-3 times a year. Start a refferal program with your exisiting customers. Constanly ask for referrals. If you feel you need a full time salesman and you are still implementing the above. Then I would pay a base pay say 400-500wk the higher the base the lower the commission. Remember straight commission may not be good for you. People sign up and then cancel all the time. Pay commission after each service sold. not on the projected revenue. meaning if do a app for 35.00 for miss jones, even thought she signed up for full program, you still dont have it all. he would get a percent of the 35. then on the next app so on and so on.
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    Yeah, make it a recurring commission, that's how one of my affiliated salesreps works, for lack of better words - Each time I send in MY payment, the lady sold me whatever gets paid (well it's on payments, kinda like lawncare). For the salesperson it may be a bit rough at first but if they generate ENOUGH leads turn into sales it can end up they hardly WORK after a while but they still get paid SO much they don't know what to do with all the money, thou I'm sure they need no assistance lol.
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    You may have found your prototype salesman. Someone in the business maybe a foreman or lead man for a green industry co. They know the Bus and can comfortably talk about the products/service. Its a part time gig so you don't have to sell them on your company's potential. Most people working full time don't want to work evenings and weekends when people are home to answer the door. If they are good they will figure it out for themselves and be asking you for a full time job. If you need a line on a good biological product let me know I am a part time sale rep for a biological fert co. I have been using the product for over 13 years and just kind of fell into the sale thing.
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    Discoery Lawn - Take out a small ad in the 'business oppurtunities' section of your local newspaper. This is where commissioned only salespeople or people looking to be their own boss will search.

    Realisticly any commission only position is a business oppurtunity.
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    I'm probbly be doing this for lawngodfather next year. Just wanted to subcribe to the thread for refrences. I think re-occuring commision would be good. Maybe try to find some college kids.

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