Hiring a salesperson????

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    Alright, I've always kicked around the idea, but now getting more serious about it.......Hiring a salesperson.
    All the "big boys" have them. I'm not great at sales-never was & don't have the personality to ever be. I like the grunt work & technical side of things.

    How many are like me? Have you hired a sales person to do your selling for you? Direct mail, ads, flyers, doorhangers, etc. are costly & manytimes don't generate much response. Going door to door I have found works great, but I struggle to bring myself to do it...OK I DREAD it!:(

    If you've hired a salesperson, how did you compensate them? Commision only? Salary+commision? Any thoughts on a "part time" sales person? I know there are many unemplowed right now in my area, even white collar sales people. Not sure how hard it would be to train someone to sell lawn care? Or, maybe just use them for lead generation?

    Any input?
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    Do a search on this site.

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    It seems like a good idea. If you have the funds to pay them and it pays for itself in work acquired, then go for it. In my situation, I think I can handle sales for my company so I would spend that money in other places. However in your situation, it might be warranted. Maybe do some interviews, and feel some people out. Let us know what you decide.
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    My one fear about hiring a salesperson is the over selling of services. I see TG/CL salemen who promise the world and have no Idea of what they can or can't deliver.
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    The problem with most salespeople is that the majority of them don't have any type of experience with lawncare. In other words, they don't have the agronomic knowledge to actually diagnose problems or recommend services that control them. I've found that people who do the actual work can sell a lot better than a salesman who's only looking for his commission.

    I worked for Scotts Lawn Service after they bought out the company that I was working for and they brought in outside salespeople. These people would under-measure lawns, sell 5-step lawncare services to people who didn't even have a lawn, and upsell services that the customers didn't even need. They would also misdiagnose all sorts of things as well. The turnover rate for these salespersons was atrocious and the person left holding the bag was the one who was actually doing the work.

    Before Scotts bought us out, we did our own lawn surveys and sold our own services and there were a lot less headaches. If you're going to hire a salesperson, it would be in your best interest to hire one that has knowledge of what you do.

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    Thanks for all the input guys! The over selling of services & high pressure put on people to buy would make me uneasy. I HATE having my arm twisted by salepeople & I know others do too. Maybe I'd be better of going to a sales training seminar:laugh:
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    I know a lot of people have good luck with sales people.. I did not.. Went thru about 15 of them lawst spring.. trying to have just 2 full time.. And all it did was cost me a whole whole lot of money... They closed an average of 3 sales a week, and as of today.. I only have about a third of those new customers.. many were slow, or no pay customers.. most of them had financial problems, and cancelled.. others were difficult to deal with because they didn't have a good relationship with my company and I...
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    We hated the salesmen at Tru Green in 1982. Lots of undermeasured lawns. The managers pressured the salesmen and fired those who sold less than three a day. Tough job. But a few changed over to technicians or made it to management.

    I suggest that you spend a little more on advertising and promotional materials. Top quality mailers and a good marketing program will do most of the sales work for you. Offer a big incentive for referrals, too,(maybe a free application). Cactus mailers comes to mind--but I cannot remember the link. Some companies will do a lot of the hard work for you. You just measure the leads. And take the phone calls.
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    What has worked for years is giving the appicator a kick back to sell services door to door. Gives them extra money for them and you. Hope this helps
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    you have got a PM

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