Hiring a telemarketing service.

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by redbuckcavs, Jan 28, 2008.

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    I know there has been alot of good topics recently about advertising,and I really like the idea about "Block Leading"--(going down a street and getting a lawn measurement and mailing them info) I'm in the fert and squirt business only, and instead of mailing this info has anyone tried giving this information to a telemarketer and have them "sell" your service on a commission basis.

    I have been in the business 10 years and always feel confident talking to a potential client face-to-face however, I never feel nearly as confident on the phone (anyone out there ever work for the BIG companies that would like to share some of their phone tecnics?)
  2. MarcSmith

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    with the no-call lists and caller ID and the fact that even more people are giving up on traditional land lines (cell phone only) I don't see "cold calling" as a viable marketing strategy any more.....Kind of like there are no more door-to-door sales folks....

    From a consumer point of view----When i want something I'll look for it and research it. Internet first, Local yellow pages second, then the larger "big" yellow pages....I really don't want someone calling me, leaving crap on my door or under my windshield "asking/telling" me that I need their service.

    Just some thoughts....
  3. Rayholio

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    Tele-marketing is still viable. You have to register as a telemarketer with your state, and then you will have access to the Do Not Call List. I would recommend having a 3rd party company do your marketing simply because if the list is breached, they're responsible.

    Tru-Green Still has great response out of their telemarketing, and they get more names by having door to door sales people go around and push for customers to sign a do not call waiver.. so even if they don't make the sale, they can keep on trying :)
  4. humble1

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    I get calls daily from a computer it says push 5 to get put on out do not call list, but then leaves the message on my machine, I wonder how that would work, how much $ to buy.
  5. magland

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    We used to telemarket for estimates before the whole do not call list, and it was pretty successful. Once the do not call list started, the success rate dropped off sharply. You have to figure that many, maybe most people in your target demographic group will be on the list. That leaves a lot of people you don't want to target, for one reason or another. If you can really focus where you're calling, then it could be good I guess. Just a lot harder than it used to be.

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