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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by drsogr, Apr 30, 2006.

  1. drsogr

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    Well this week seems like as good as any to go ahead and hire someone. Its going to be raining off and on all week here. I need to get some candidates though, to interview, I was planning on putting up some flyers around the local colleges. What should it say? I want it to get the point across, grab some attention, but not sound cheasy?! I have an idea of how much I want to pay....should I put this on the flyer? This will be a job that is from 30-40 hours a week..should I put that on there too?

    Any ideas?
  2. drsogr

    drsogr LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Here is what I came up with..what do you guys think?

    Growing company seeking a landscaper to work between 25-40 hours a week. Job will pay $8.50 - $10.00 an hour based on experience. We have the ability to be flexible with your class schedule. This position requires that you be outside for most of the day, if you do not enjoy working outdoors with your hands, please do not apply.

    Email work history and contact info to jobs@timbercreeklandscape.com

    Anything to add?
  3. hickslawns

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    Local college close by? Go to the college. They will have someone there that helps college students find jobs while in college and after they graduate. I did it last week on a rainy day. Helps that I went to school with the lady helping these guys find jobs.
  4. mikefromny

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    go to home depot and get a good ol mexican
  5. Brianslawn

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    must be fluent in spanish.
  6. drsogr

    drsogr LawnSite Bronze Member
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    You guys are horrible. I do not want a mexican worker! I found me a kid that is 20 and going to college to be a firefighter. Seams like a good kid. He starts next thursday I will let you know how he is working out.
  7. Let-it-mow!

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    I once tried to hire through the college office that places students.

    They gave me a stack of forms to fill out to prove that I was licensed, wanted statistics on how many minorities I hired, and other stuff. I said "no thanks."

    Every college has a campus newspaper. An add in there should be cheap and lots of students looking for summer work will be checking the adds there.
  8. Jpocket

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    Why wouldn't you want a Mexican guy to work for you????? Seems these days they are the only ones with any real work ethic.
  9. ed2hess

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    Can't wait to hear how this works out.....he works for you for how long before he realizes he cut for himself? Don't forget where Home Depot is!
  10. drsogr

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    LOL....we don't have the mexicans at home depots here in Kansas! They are all busy working on road construction and the meat packing plants. BTW I don't cut grass...I landscape. I would imagine if you hired someone to cut lawns and they didn't realize that they could just start a business before hand...they probably aren't smart enough to run a business. Heck I had my own little lawn mowing business when I was 15. It doesn't take much to run a non-legit business. Now a legit business like you and I have, that does take some work.

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