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Would like some advice from those with larger operations who have plenty of experience with employees. I think we all want the same thing out of our employees...heat tolerance, hard working, no excuses, always on time, etc.

For what it's worth, I'll be doing this the W2 way, witholding taxes, paying unemployment taxes, etc.

What are the do's and dont's of hiring a full time employee? Where do you find them? Labor camps?

My accountant tells me that if I photo copy the employees social security card, if it turns out to be fake, I won't get into trouble. If my employee gives me a fake social security card, will the IRS immediately kick this back after I pay the first quarterly taxes or does this take years for the IRS to kick it back??? Basically, if I'm hiring an illegal (and don't know it), how long can I keep him on the payroll?

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The only thing you may want to do is photograph the employee with the documents. Its common to pass around the same SS for more than 1 person. The SS could be good but not for that person .


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You need to check your labor laws, etc. The whole SSC thing is a grey area. I am not a specialist in the SS dept. either and I don't plan on it.

A large % of laborers do not have a DL. If you can find one with a valid DL you need to keep him and train him. You will be getting into overtime, etc.

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