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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Eric Green, Dec 22, 2000.

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    How's it going everyone, this is my first post and I'd like to say I've picked up a gold mine of info for my business.
    thanks to all of you guys.
    Now for the questions:
    last season I had 22 loyal customers that I inherited and by november we just got the last of the slo-pays and undesirables out.NOW I want to rebuild to about 75-100 customers in one general sub-division. what kind of advertising and special package should I offer to get as many in this area should I use?

    Also do any of you guys run MVR's when hiring ?
    (motor vehicle reports)?
    and do you guys hire specifically to pass out fliers and get customers?
  2. Guido

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    Try doorhangers, because it seems like you want to target a specific area to work in. I wouldn't hire someone just to advertise, etc if your as small of a co. as you say. Its not worth the profit it will take from you.

    You can also try advertising in bulletins at churches in the area (usually a lot of hits that way) or on placemats at resteraunts, etc. These are not the best ways, but if you want to target an area its the way to go.

    You could also send out a letter to all the properties in the area.

    One more, and my favorite is when in the newspaper your read about property selling and buying, write a letter to the people buying the property and offer them your services.

    Some people like to offer small discounts when customers get you a contract in the neighborhood, and this will help you keep your accounts in a general area.

    Good Luck, and hope this helps some!

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