Hiring Door Hanger Distributors On Commission

Discussion in 'Employment' started by SydneyLawnCare, Jan 23, 2013.

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    I like your idea, but feel bad for the suckers who are handing out your flyers, lol. Also wondering who will do the work, when you get the calls and etc? Not putting you down, just curiuos as to some of the finer details which aren't mentioned. Also dont be surprised if those 20 door hanger distributors turns into 10 then 5 then 0 when they dont get a paycheck after 2 weeks of that. My advice is dont let them know where you live.
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    Hey, thanks for your courtesy and honesty.

    The ones who are handing out the door hangers are using their own judgement from all the information that I provide them. I am connected with a network of lawn care operators, workers, etc down here. That combined with a recruitment agency I have been in contact with can help me find the top people with experience.

    Regarding payment, well payment will be after the entire campaign and I will also let my distributors know that there will be a chance of sales each week simply because this is a MULTI STEP marketing campaign. They will be delivering to the same homes 3 times for the entire campaign.

    I will give updates on how it all goes down so you can learn what happens when one is in this situation. If it's successful, maybe some LCOs who are bootstrapped with cash can use this technique. If it's not successful, well theres a lesson learnt for this youngin'!


    Edit: I'm curious to hear your door hanger marketing/direct marketing experiences. Along with your response rates and closing sales rates!
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    My marketing was simple handing them out myself, lol. Responses were into the 1% range but less at times, and the amount of sales were high, Im a friendly and very knowledgable individual and typically once I meet the person who called or emailed it was a done deal. I never pressure people and let them decide the work they want done, never try to sell them something they dont need, this is huge is building trust early on and customer retention long term. Often time though you very meet the person, you exchange pleantries over the phone, do the work and receive payment so it all depends.
  4. locallawncare.ca

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    sorry meant to say "never" meet the person.
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    Thats interesting! I'll take the never try to sell them something they don't need advice to the head.

    In your opinion do you think that a targeted blanket drop like this would tend to have a smaller response rate? I am targeting affluent households that are in the income ranges of 120K-250K+.
  6. locallawncare.ca

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    I found that higher end neighbourhoods yeilded less calls, those are the customers you get by referral/quality work. A blanket drop I dunno, you are better off paying to have them mailed as opposed to hung on the door, in those neighbourhoods that stuff gets tossed, but the mail you have a bit better odds.
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    You missed your calling dude. You belong on late night TV hawking your motivational BS CD for $19.95- but if they call within 15 minutes you'll send them two.
    You remind me of Michael J Fox in the old TV series Family Ties.:sleeping:
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    What you're doing is illegal in the states. Not sure how DOL works down under but you might want to check before trying to save $ lands you in hot water :help:
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    I would seriously rethink this through before you send your younger brother and his friends out handing out flyers. Even if they do manage to catch a customer they will not well versed. Before you say you are sending out qualified lawn industry distributors, no one with any common sense or knowledge would even accept such a job.

    What will happen is you will get 1 or 2 days worth of work out of them before they say screw it. So then you will be left with 45k worth of flyer's or they will just throw many out due to frustration.

    You also have to remember that 'rich' people get bombarded with ads every day from every type of company you can imagine.

    Why not just send out direct mail?
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    Base hourly pay plus a carrot commission for them to carry good energy.

    I'm very picky about who I hire for this now. I will not settle for 2nd best.
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