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Discussion in 'Employment' started by FLC2000, Oct 11, 2017.

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    Going to make some major changes and wanted some input.

    First off this winter I'm going to sit down and write and employee manual. Rules, expectations, conduct, etc...

    Secondly I'm thinking about starting the hiring process now. Like this weekend now.

    Our season kicks off in Mid March with a ton of mulch and spring cleanups and the last couple years we have actually moved our mowing up a week to the last week in March due to the warm weather and precip.

    I usually wait till early March to start looking. Not anymore.

    I'm considering putting an ad out now for a crew leader and crew members and starting the interviewing and hiring process.

    Has anyone ever done this and what did you think about it?
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    Credit for being proactive. First off, don't reinvent the wheel. Find an employee hand book, or two (or three), and copy it, modifying it as you see fit.
    The downside to interviewing early is that people will likely be wanting to be hired shortly afterwards. They likely will not wait around for your phone call to come in and start. You could tell them in your initial phone conversation that you plan to hire in the March and see who is still interested. But, at least you could build a list of potential workers.
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    Hey Boss,
    I'm new to the forum, but I've spent the last several years dealing with personnel matters. Although the majority of my experience deals with larger organizations, I feel that numerous concepts are still relevant and applicable to the green industry. I know at first you're going to think, WTF is this guy talking about, but...stay with me.
    1. What do you have to offer to get higher quality employees?
    2. While a policy manual is never a bad idea, try not to be overzealous.
    3. I'm not sure what kinds of issues you have dealt with in the past, but a one to two page code of conduct should be able to cover a majority of your concerns. If you let me know what specific problems you've dealt with, I will throw together a template of what i'm speaking of.
    4. Is your vision to only hire employees seasonally? Finding people who realistically "care" about rules/policies when they know they're only temporary is going to be a challenge.
    5. When you're hiring, are there any automatic disqualifiers? For instance some people have hard and fast rules about not hiring convicted felons. I personally don't agree with that (but to each there own-it's their company). Obviously I would take into account what the felony conviction was, and how long ago it was. Just because someone got jammed up 10 years ago on a drug possession charge, doesn't mean I wouldn't hire them so long as they were no longer using.
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  4. TPendagast

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    If you do it now... they won’t be around come March unless you keep them paid until then
    They will find other jobs and make other commitments

    I would suggest maybe start just before Valentine’s Day

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