Hiring from South of the Border


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I was sure this'd be something that would've been talked about before, but I couldn't find anything with a few searches.

I'm planning on doing some staffing this year with Hispanic workers. I'm wondering where I need to go , or what I need to do to:

*Attract the workers

*Make sure all related paperwork is handled correctly.



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There's a place called Amigo's, don't have their web address but that keyword should get you close. Be prepared to shell out the bucks in advance, about $1,200 per worker with no guarantee they'll work out. Also you can type in "H2B workers" and you should get some websites. It's too freak'in bad we have to resort to this but I almost did the migrant worker thing in 2000. I didn't want to spring $2,400 for 2 people I've never met.


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Look in the trade magazines. Theres lots of info in them.


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is talking about workforce International. She e-mails me once in awhile, I think her name is Lisa. Anyway, there is a link to their website on my web site.

Hope this helps!


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mucho cerveza y pequito denaros

In Nc they usually find laborers by word of mouth from the locals. It was my experience that guatamalans are superior laborers to mexicans. My guess would be they seem to be hungrier so they work twice as hard.

just remember to pay on mondays or you'll have an attendance problem if you need weekend labor.

Best of luck,

Alan Bechard

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This is pretty much the question I have right now, although I think I have found my link.

Point blank question is, I decide I want to hire the guy, what am I supposed to verify, check for, look at, whatever to make sure that he is legal to work here?

My thoughts would be Green Card with Work on it and Social Security Card.

I was told by some "but you know they could be forged"

Well, I am sure they could be, but I would think my responsibility is to check and to make sure they look reasonably legit. I am certainly not an expert in the field and do not think I will be too accountable if they provide me realistic forged documents.

What would you folks reccomend.

Al Bechard


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Al, as I understand it, you question is spot-on, and your own answer to your question is correct.


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you can participate in the H2B program or hire resident aliens. The INS I-9 form will tell you what you need to verify for employment. You need to make an attempt to check for legit documents, however being your not an expert on documents its possible you'll hire an illegal.

Usually for resident aliens you write down their card # and verify it with their passport.

H2B will cost some money upfront but the laborers are set to a labor rate based on geographics however the employer is able to give bonuses. Also an H2B visa is valid only to one US company. If the laborer doesn't work out for the company, he must return to Mexico and the visa is expired/void. The laborer is not allowed/legal to work for any other company.