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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by tjcezar, Feb 9, 2004.

  1. tjcezar

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    I want to hire a full time employee and need some help as to what kind of insurance I need, What and how much taxes I need to with hold, and any other info that is important. I want to know what it will cost me to have someone working for at between $8-15 per hour (based on experience).
  2. J Hisch

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    Carry workman's comp based upon your annual payroll. if you are paying someone 8 dollars figure about 11.50 per hour in actual cost. I would outsource payroll if i were you.
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    Look for a good CPA that will work with you ,and help you get set up with the proper paper work. He will save you money in the long run with all the little in's and out's and "fine print" that you won't have time to read or understand.

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    have to agree, get a CPA. The workers comp is based on salary. You need to get a federal id number, register for unemployment and state taxes as well if you haven't done so. Make sure, also if you haven't done it yet to get a DBA in the county of your business. You will probably also want to set up a checking account for you can pay employees, etc. The bank will require of you the DBA copy. (I am just stating all the general information in case you haven't done so yet)
  5. tjcezar

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    thanks for the help. Where do I file for workmans comp and how much is it? Is this something that is payable monthly, quartetrly? Same with unemployment where and how much? I am already set up as a sole prop for the 2 years. How bout an exmple like
    $10 + ?%(work comp) + ?%
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