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Hiring Immigrant Workers/Subcontractors


LawnSite Member
I use a Hispanic subcontractor who I really like, but he's run into some problems with green cards, temporary employment status, etc.....

I'm very concerned that he is going to get booted out of the country. We've contacted a lawyer who specializes in this kind of stuff, but I'm still worried that we're going to lose him.

Is there anything that my company can do to help this guy stay in the country? Any ideas?


LawnSite Silver Member
Been there..done that. I just kept hitting dead ends. The lawyers who tell you they can help will charge you big money and can not garentee they will be successful. Its a very tough situation with no easy way out.


LawnSite Member
Yes, the lawyer said she would charge the guy around $5000. He had already paid out $2000 to someone who was called an "Oratorio" which I'd never heard of..... this oratorio was supposed to file forms for our subcontractor but never did....so our guy is in trouble.