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Discussion in 'Employment' started by boomhower1, Jan 20, 2014.

  1. Fresh_Cut

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    Maaannn, I'm in the dumps right now because my BEST guy and only employee just quit on me. Told me that he wants $1 more per hour or "no mas".

    I've been in business since '08 and this guy is THE BEST help that I've ever had. But he doesn't have a driver's license and I'm not sure if he'll transition well from being paid cash to payroll.

    Here's why I'm down in the dumps.... When he started I was paying him $10/hr for the first month and he did the same thing before the month was out. This was back in about April or May of last year. It's been slow for the past 2-3 months so he's been finding work elsewhere and I've been keeping in touch every week. We may work a couple days a week in Jan. or once a week in Feb.

    So I kinda feel like it's my fault for not keeping him occupied to the point where he wouldn't have had the opportunity to find other work that pays a little more.

    Also, I despise manipulative moves/motives with a purple passion, just be straight with me. Now, one thing I can say is that he's always been straight with me in regards to what he wants/needs and when. Someone else posted that most people aren't gonna approach you for a raise, he did.

    He even gave me back all the keys: office/shop, truck, and my home garage. As you can see, I trust him a lot.

    And I was looking for another guy, a driver. This is the worst time for this.
  2. STLTurfmanagement

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    Any suggestions on where to find good help? What do you guys use to recruit? Craigslist, friends of friends, anyone have any experience on dealing with a staffing agency (temp agency)?
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  3. HPSInc

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    Ive used friends, friends of friends, and craigslist. my best employee came from CL. But has left me. Finding his replacement is proving to be a challenge this time around. Funny thing is, he was the first guy I interviewed from CL and this guy was like me but only 10 years younger.

    This is the TRUTH right here. Although my CL guy was the best I had he did this (if your reading this Andy, relax :laugh:) but so did all the guys before him. Its harder to be strict on friends and friends of friends but you just have to be or they will walk all over you. Out siders will press slowly though too once they get comfy. You just gotta remind them whos paying who here and if they want a job they better just start listening more and squalking less. It worked for me.
  4. Green_Will

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    This is exactly what I needed to read. I have been struggling with the best way to move forward after losing a good guy last year. Seems like I keep getting the same "type" of guy. Reading this straightened me right out. Thanks.
  5. anotherlwnsvc

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    If you make the mistake of hiring the drug addict make sure your equipment is well secured 'that night' !!! but also,one doesn't have to be an alky or addict 'to be a thief', if he is neither of these it starts w/ attitude and being able to listen, the main thing I have learned about workers is the 1st time you explain they are doing something wrong, they gaze off w/ no eye contact....'red flag'!!! & most likely no need to tell them to look at me when I talk to you, its bus pass time and back to work
  6. Fresh_Cut

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    I hate that, too? I first thought it was my tone or that I fussing at them. They just didn't really care enough. Can't fix that.

    You really send em off on the bus and don't let em finish the day and give em a ride back?
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  7. JohnnyRocker

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    You chose not to give him an extra 8-10 bucks a day???? You don't deserve him.
  8. andersman02

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    Most of our maint employees came from craigslist. This year we hire 2 new guys to run a mowing route. The foreman came with experience and the other is a college guy. Both great workers and both show up everyday. Aside from missing something here or there, they do a pretty good job. as far as incentives go, we have a mow crew bank of $1k split evenly at the end of the year. Each complaint is $20 knocked off. If there is equipment, property or truck damage, 1/2 of the damage is subtracted out of the bank with a max of $200. each compliment is $20 added to the bank.

    This is our first year doing this but seems like it has helped with quality.

    Doesnt matter where you look for employees from, you'll always get some good ones and some bad ones.
  9. JLC Lawn Care

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    I like the idea of that incentive, i would have to do it on a smaller scale though haha
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  10. oqueoque

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    Does anyone have Vocational schools with Landscape programs in their area? And have you looked into hiring graduates of these schools, or have you hired them in the past?

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