Hiring my first employee

Discussion in 'Employment' started by boomhower1, Jan 20, 2014.

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    Be prepared to go through lots and lots of shitty people. For every 10 that suck 1 MIGHT be good.....might.

    DRUG TEST!!!! Costs $50 and the fact you test weeds out most of the flunkies. In my experience they wont even show up for the test if they are gonna fail it, thus the problem solves itself.
    Havent had a guy fail a test this year, have hade about half not show up for it lol
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    One thing I have learned over my many years of landscaping, being foreman and grounds managers for different companies as I have moved a lot and now owning my own company, working for a general maintenance landscaping business is not something people generally make a career out of. Working for a landscaping company always seems to be a temporary, maybe a few years of employment kind of thing. I mean who wants to make a lifelong career mowing lawns for someone else for $15 an hour? I think anyone who owns a maintenance company needs to understand that your most likely always going to be looking for employees. Hence why I decided to start my own company, I hated doing every single job by myself and only making 3% of what my bosses were profiting from the job, when I know I could have made all that money myself if I had my own company. I live next to a college town and since my girlfriend goes to school there, whenever I am there I can usually find a few kids looking to make a couple bucks and hire them until its time to go back home, then its back to a solo operation. In short, I say always be prepared to hire new people ALL THE TIME...and have a list of people who don't mind side work who you can call if a big job comes up and you need help.

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