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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by CLARK LAWN, Mar 19, 2007.


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    trying to hire 1-2 people for this season first one called before i got in this morning and left a message so i call him back on his cell instead of a ring it goes to gangster rap with the m.f. and so on the then the voice mail picks up and i get swore at again. Second guy calls and talk to him hes still in school but he can work from 5-9 in the eveing, and the third left me the wrong phone number on the machine but i got it off the caller id so i call him and he tells me straight up that he is only willing to work from 9am-4pm m-f no weekends and he only will run riders. so as of now 3 calls and 0 prospects.

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    Disappointing for sure...I think I've seen all those scenarios (gotta love those voice mail messages :laugh: )

    So anyway the gangsta rap guy probably wouldn't work out, but at the same time I would at least talk to the guy. Everyone has their personal lives...IF they can check their language at the door you never know...

    I ran an ad once and got a lot of reponses from PG County, which anyone in the DC area would be familiar with the demographics of PG County....got a lot of baby mamas answering the phone yelling "Whatchu want whatchu wanna talk to Kelvin fo'???" Really sets the tone...
  3. Runner

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    yeah...call da homey wit da rap up on his chimes, yo. Know wha I'm sayin...He may be keepin' it real on da down low. Know wha I'm sayin, dog? We may be gittin a j.o.b. all up in heeah, chief!

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    Yep we sure do attract the cream of the crop!
  5. jsf343

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    WOW, that very much sounds like what I am going through. I can not find anyone decent at all. very few even apply but the ones who do either don't call back, dont bring the app over, want $20.00 an hour to start off. yikes!!
  6. NorthwestLawnCare

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    I have this same problem. Though my business partner and I are mostly owner-operators, we do hire part timers on occasion if things get a bit hectic.

    One reason we get so many "winners" applying for these jobs is that it requires no formal education. I envy employers whose first firewall is a college degree; it weeds out the losers to an extent.

    Another problem, in my area anyway, is that most of the kids are spoiled. Their parents hand them a no limit credit card, a new car, and shelter them from work, struggle, and adversity. Then when they reach working age, they don't understand having to bust their a$$es for an entry-level wage. So they either quit within a week, or don't take their jobs seriously.

    The truth is, hiring illegal immigrants because they work cheap is only half of the incentive. The other is work ethic. I can't speak for any other region in the country, but it's the sad truth here in SE Michigan.

    Having said that, I do not, and never will, hire illegals. To work for me, one must be an English-speaking United States citizen!
  7. NewHorizon's Land

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    Hoolie I know the demos of PG county and you are right. And dats fo shizzle my nizzle
  8. topsites

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    That's fine, until you've gotten between 10 - 20 of these per every one you end up hiring, you're in the right ballpark.
    It's just the 9 out of 10 rule, meaning only maybe 1 out of every 10 prospects turns out, is all it is.
    It used to and sometimes still astounds and amazes me, but apparently it's normal.
    I get this with customers, too.
  9. Mr Priceless

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    don't mean to hijack the thread, but what would you pay hourly for a 16 year old potential employee with 2-3 years mowing experience and is flexible during summer?
  10. Albery's Lawn & Tractor

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    I had a guy working for me part time and was paying him good money all under the table. So I call and tell him to meet me at a job site that I needed to get preped for 16 pallets of sod, that s.o.b. says he can't cause his moms coming home and is going to make lunch. He's 22 years old!!!

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