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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Coolrthnu1, Nov 16, 2006.

  1. Coolrthnu1

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    I need to grow & i am interested in how to pay a sales person. Like commision rate how long they get commision etc. Anyone here have a sales person?

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    What dollar amount do you do a year, If you do a lot of landscape projects it may work but for just cutting????
    I would look more at an "account rep". and maybe someone that even does some of the work.
    I sold home improvement jobs for over 15 years-- I got 10%. I sold boats and RVs, I got 3% The closest I can come up with for mowing service is rent for houses, I get 1/2 of the 1st month rent if I bring the client, but can you really support a sales person with the work you sell. even if he sells 100 customers at 400 a month, give him 1/2 a month or 200 times 100, that is only 20K and no good sales guy will work for that. What else can he do.
    A good sales guy can do wonders for your company, but can you support him. Maybe work with someone that can also work for another company. In Chicago I worked for a Real Estate company, RV dealer, and sold Home Improvement projects all at the same time. See if that will work for you ( and them)
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    Right now, you're probably your best salesman. Work on building up business and getting out of the truck so you can concentrate more on sales yourself. Then train your crew leader to be a good salesman on the truck. When it comes to the neighbors that in invaluable to you. Offer him small incentives to do so as well.

    Branching out
  4. Coolrthnu1

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    we do about 170k yr. I like the 50% of 1st month. I was looking for a rate for a foreman I already have. I was going to let him hustle some commercial jobs. I am looking at training him to be the manager, so that I can eventually sell & customers will not know when new owner takes over.

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