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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Victo, Feb 2, 2005.

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    Hi, I am planning on hiring one person to help me with me with my biz. I am so confused about the salary. I want the person to drive my truck and cut the the grass. It's a one man crew. Please help me answering this questions.

    1. Do you pay work comp if they drive the truck?
    2. Do you pay less in winter and more in summer (just for the hrs they work) or still pay them regardless winter or summer?
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    It sounds like you will not be with him. Does he have experience? Is he the type of individual that you trust on his own to get the job done as well or better than you would do it? I do not know the pay scale in Florida or even how the grass grows in the winter. But here in CT I would start the guy out at $13 hr.because he would have to act as a foreman. After he represents your business properly you decide what type of incentive to give him to keep it up. Just an idea would be to take his hourly X 40hrs. X 52weeks. This is if you are large enough of a company to keep him busy. Take a look at what your business will make this year, subtract his salary and your expenses and figure out if you are happy in the end with profit. Do you care less about profit and are just trying to grow a business to fall back on?

    If you are in the beginning stages be aware that an employee is alot more costly than his base salary. Yes he will need to be covered by comp based on his pay rate. You will have to match his SS and medicare and pay FUTA in case he were to become unemployed. There is a % to multiply his annual salary by for FICA, then a seperate % for FUTA. Then call and tell your comp provider your employees salary and they will give you an estimate for comp. If it fits your application look into having him be a sub contractor and you will deal with less bologna. This means he will have to have his own registered business with Federal Tax ID. Then you can offer him more $. Just ideas, please do further your research by speaking to an attorney and accountant to find out the exacts.

    Just have a clear view before diving, have all your facts straight(which takes effort), if your worker is worth it treat him right. By the way I have experienced that if you hire someone to take care of payroll they find you comp for alot cheaper. Pay roll companies will make sure you are doing everything properly. Around here is paychex and Nebs. Hope I helped. Remember if you are the one doing the work you are self emloyed, if you are managing it you are a business owner. Being a business owner takes balls and risk and an effective business plan. Even if you love to work and sweat, do you want to have to do it everyday until you are of age to retire or die?

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