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Hispanic Labor


LawnSite Senior Member
longisland ny
my friend does he just picks them up at bustations for factory workers lol he pays them like 10.00 a hour or a 100.00 a day alot of them he said are very familar with the work.


LawnSite Bronze Member
San Antonio, TX
Hispanic Labor...being in Maryland I suppose you are not talking about people from Mexico with work visa's. It sounds like your are refering to the hispanic citizens in Maryland.

I will assume that you mean those with work visa's because the other way seems racist.

There are many ads in Lawn&Landscape and others that have companies that specialize in those who are not citizens of our country but have work visa's. Check in those ads..you should find them there.


LawnSite Member
Ambler, Pa
I know of several lco's and contractor's in my area that use them. What I have heard is that thier work ethic is fantastic. They will work around the clock if you had the work. Not all have visa's and they will demand cash at the end of each day. I have nothing against hispanic's but I get extremely mad trying to compete with other lco's that use illegal immigrants and low ball work because of low overhead. This usually only happens with residential work.
With the educational system in the US trades are often forgotten. This paves the way for foreign labor to come and take over labor intensive jobs. Use this to your advantage and learn a second language and expand your business legally with the available labor pool.


LawnSite Gold Member
stanfield nc
Ive heard their work output was 2-1 better
than other labor.Not such a great statement about
the other labor.nuff said TM


LawnSite Platinum Member
Look in the trade magazines. Theres lots of companies that help you bring them over.


LawnSite Bronze Member
Pittsburgh, Pa
My buddy had two guys from Mexico working for him. One day he woke up and they were late. He called down to the trailer(which he bought for them), no answer. Waited a bit, then went down. He found that they left sometime the night before and get this, took his tv he bought for them!!!


LawnSite Senior Member
St. Louis, Mo
In response to Vandora Lawn and Landscape's post.

How many of you had American workers steal from you or quit without calling.

You will find that no matter what nationality you are looking at.


LawnSite Fanatic
after going thru about 10 "americans", and 3 mexicans, i have found this: the american guys didnt show, sometimes had problems with the way they were talked to, got tired easily, and had to leave early cus they were hungover. the mexican guys: didnt show, but when they did, were worth about 5 times more than the american guy, didnt give a crap what u asked them to do, or how u asked them, and worked dawn till dusk hungover or not. personally, i dont care to deal with the nonsense anymore, i rely on myself only.