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History of exmark


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mt.airy NC
I will be doing a paper on the exmark company for my business class. Have looked over there website, and done some research. But the story I hear is a little different than that of local retailer.
He said "the owner of exmark worked for toro, but toro would not listen to his ideas and he left toro to start exmark" anyone got any good proof of the origine or exmark?
I have emailed exmark for any info they are willing to contribute. Again this needs to be something in print not just hear-say.


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I thought the guys who started Exmark at one time worked for Encore.

John Gamba

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Originally posted by BigEd
I thought the guys who started Exmark at one time worked for Encore.
Talk with the owner of encore. He is one of the originals in starting exmaek.


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Memphis, TN
You're local retailer is an idiot. hahahahahahaaaa.

In 1997 Toro bought eXmark. Anyway, the story of all the mfg's can get kinda interesting. Get eXmark to post it in their forum or call the customer service line next week and talk to Dustin, Terry or Fred.

OH, if you do a search here, most of it has been posted before.


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Beatrice, NE
Here's a link to the company history of Encore Manufacturing which will give you some background info on how Exmark was founded in 1982.
I also encourage you to contact mr Techtmeier (co-founder of Exmark and now owner of Encore) personally for first hand info on the history of Exmark. The tel#'s are on their contact page.