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History of Trade Your Accounts

When we started, we were just your average service company in Las Vegas, NV. We would drive all over Las Vegas to service accounts and realized that our days were getting longer and we were spending more time getting to accounts rather than servicing more clients. During our routes we would see four or five company’s servicing the same street then driving miles for the next account. With time and money wasting away, we figured many service guys with routes; Lawn & landscaping; Pool and other service route industries are doing the same thing. All the service industry companies were crossing the same paths. They were in the same neighborhoods and could easily trade with each other and get tighter routes instead of going all over town to get to their next account. A lot of these service companies had too many accounts and wanted to down size and others want to get a head start and buy new accounts and start a new business.

The route broker business’s were selling complete routes and charging commissions for their services, we thought of an idea that would benefit all these route owners and others. Why not create an online resource for people who are in the service route industry that would enable them to get the word out? They would be able to place an ad to buy, sell or trade service route accounts. Before we could turn the big wheel of an idea, we had to figure out how to make it all work, well how do you put a plan together to make any business work? We had 10 years experience of previously working in the information technology sector, so there was a good mix to get the ball rolling.

With thousands of hours of programming and months creating, the site was launched in early 2008 and is now evolving into a creative resource for small business owners. Its getting 1000’s of hits as the word is spreading. It costs nothing to post an ad on, so people figure they have nothing to loose in the process of advertising and the ad remains active for 3 months. The site is pretty cool... when a user posts an ad, it has the options to display the contact details of their choice and has a complete and regularly updated list of all USA zip codes, which users are able to click on and get a map of the accounts area of that specific zip. Users can search by various categories, search by state or zip code specific and radius. There are many more options yet to be enabled and will be adapted to the user’s suggestions. There is a blog area, and tips for companies in the service industry to contribute to. is definitely evolving into an on line networking resource for service route industry companies and it will be exciting to see it progress into a great resource for the small business owner that enables them to increase their bottom line and succeed in so many ways…. It’s not a route broker’s site as users deal directly with other small business owners.

In the short time that it’s been available the members are increasing daily thousands to date. People are following the trend as members realize they have assets “accounts” that can be brought sold and traded to achieve an improved service route.

It’s all about networking, use it to your benefit and spread the word to others that it may be of use too. There could be some one in your area or further a field looking for what you have to offer and with out your post nobody will know of it. Create your post somebody always has to be the first person to do so and work smarter not harder.

That’s our storey

Your success
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