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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by Mr.cactus, Jun 15, 2007.

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    I found this forum while looking for info on Rain-Jet heads. I have 3 in my front lawn, 1 big one (25-30 feet coverage) and 2 small ones. My problem is the first big one lasted about 20 years or more, when it finally broke, it's 2 replacements lasted a year or so each. Now I need to find a head that I can use to replace it, that will match the output of the 2 smaller Rain-Jet heads. I tried one of the rotary heads that puts out a single stream, but that just wasn't enough water. I've been getting by, by making my own head from the Rain-Jet insert from a broken head, and screwing it right into a pvc coupling, but when it goes off late at night, when everything sounds louder, it causes some vibrations that sound like a prop plane revving up :dizzy: I really would like to advoid digging up the lawn, and starting over with a more conventional Champion type system, so is there any kind of head that can replace the big Rain-Jet?

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    Having worked on 3/4 Rainjet inlet heads as well as many others. ( Their center strip is still the best.) I would go with the Rainbird Rotator on a 4" popup.
  3. Jeff Leites

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    Which model? Is it a mult-stream rotor?
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    It's not exactly a rotor. There are mutiple streams, but fewer moving parts (just the ring on the nozzle as far as I know.)


    It fits any Rain Bird 1800 body. It's supposed to operate well between 20 and 55 PSI. Rain Bird calls them Rotary Nozzles. Similar to the MP Rotator but in fixed patterns...

    I installed them on a bank of mixed ground cover last week, replacing Nelson lawn pop-ups stuck on risers...LOL... put there by a previous contractor.

    I also replaced standard 15 ft. nozzles in some 1804s in my front lawn with good results.

    Higher pressures make them spin so fast you'll get dizzy watching.

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    I like the term "rotator" for this class of nozzle. Have MPs in my yard and they are fine. For customers I find the RB rotator is more visually appealing to them. I think it is the heavier spray (higher precip but still low in my opinion) and the speed they turn.

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    greg if I remember right you have the WM smartline with a monitor. What did you set your sprinkler type at for those rotaries? On my MP zone I have it set at .5" per hour. For customers I avoid the number settings and just switch my spray conversions from spray to rotary which I believe defaults to .5" ph anyway. i believe the precip on those RB rotaries is closer to .7"ph.
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    Can any one tell me the fuse rating on the Glass Buss fuse used in the Rainjet RJC Four? My irrigation system was working until the fuse blew and unfortunately I lost the fuse before I could buy another one.

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    Just throw a 5 amp'er in there and call it a day.
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    Don't know what your smoking :)

    I see rain Jet often enough to hate it. I'll say I see a rain jet controller 80% more then I'll see any other kind of product.

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    Maybe start with a 2 amp. If it blows a 2 amp fuse you need to see what is going on. Fuses blow for a reason.

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