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Discussion in 'Tree Service Equipment' started by velezivan, Sep 12, 2013.

  1. velezivan

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    I'm in the market for a new chainsaw. My old cheap poulan saw crapped out and I need a new one but im on a limited budget. I saw this saw on woot (hitachi CS51EAP) for 250 and wanted to know if its worth it or should i just spend the extra money to get a smaller stihl saw. I dont use it very much since I only do lawn service on weekends, but I want a good quality saw. Let me know what you guys think.
  2. PA GrassChoppers

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    I don't have experience with this saw but I'm sure it's better quality than Poulan (they're junk) and would be good for a homeowner or medium duty work. I would not use it for commercial use where you will be cutting large diameter trees. Seems like a pretty good price, too.
  3. ncpete

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    check out the Poulan Pro PP5020AV, it is a beast of a saw, can be found for $200 or maybe a little less, and if you read on you will find that it is reasonable well regarded. 50cc, over 13000 rpm, and a 20" bar.

    You may also find that there are some other inexpensive saws that don't totally suck, too. The chain that comes with it is a safety style chain, but it is a Vanguard, so it cuts pretty good. I have torn up more than a few trees with mine, and a BUNCH of bamboo. Just don't hit a brick while trying to cut out some crappy shrubs. a few tries still at sharpening the chain, and let's say that it is still a long shot from perfect. Think I may finally give up and order a new chain, also a 16" bar and chain - more in line with what a lot of pros expect a 50cc saw to run anyways.

    My next saw, budget permitting, will be a Husqvarna 562XP, or the Jonsered equivalent.
  4. M&L

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    For 250, you step in to entry level Echo and Husqvarna teritory. I'd look in to one of those before I got a saw there wasn't a history or reveiws on.
    Check Craigslist for a good used saw, then put the rest of that money towards some chaps and a helmet. If you can't afford to, you can't afford not to....

    It may not be a Stihl or Husq saw, But I've got a ton of use from one of the cheapest Poulan saws there is. It was like 140 bucks. So I took it straight home opened the muffler holes to about double the stock opening, put a larger mesh screen for the spark aresstor and adjusted the carb.A LOT. About a whole turn out on the high and a 1/4 on the low. The 3 tiny holes on the cover of the air box got to meet some tin snips. They are probably 150% larger now. Then swapped the dust maker chain aaside and put an oregon chain may dealer recomended on it. Pre- mod, this thing sucked hard.
    Starting cold on the second pull and first if its warm, while not bogging down under throttle like it was out of the box seems like it is pretty good for the time and money invested. Probably has about 80 hours of use over the years and has held up well
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  5. velezivan

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    Apparently its the same saw as the Tanaka TCS51EAP. I've only heard good things about Tanaka equipment and the list price at most retail stores seems to be $399. I currently have a poulan and have hated the thing since the day i bought it so I wont be buying another one. At 250, I don't know if i could really pass this one up, even if it turns out to be disposable in the long run. I wish I knew someone that has run the Tanaka saws to give me some info on them.
  6. Greg78

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    I've had an Echo CS-370 since 2008 and it still starts and runs perfectly to this day. Sometimes it wont get used but once a month or like this past month will get used several times a week. It's a pretty darn good saw for $280.

    I've also purchased an Echo CS-400 $300 3 months ago and it is a fine saw and more powerful than the 370. I would have got another 370 but the dealer was out. I've been running this saw a lot lately and really like it.

    I second M&L. Get into an entry level Echo or Husqvarna.
  7. ztman

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    For $250 I would go for it. Amazon has three reviews for this saw. For a 50cc saw, it may be worth the risk if you are cutting big wood. I personally use a Stihl and love it
  8. ncpete

    ncpete LawnSite Senior Member
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    disassembly of the PP5020AV shows Husquvarna stamps all over the place, so, for all intents and purposes it is an entry level Husquvarna. the saw has a fully counterweighted crank, and has proven to be pretty durable in many hands other than mine. It also has a 2 year warranty which is pretty good. If you need one saw, it's not bad. The "entry level" saws from the better manufacturers tend to have shorter bars and smaller engines, and can't cut as much. Read the review I linked above. Mine gave me initial starting troubles, but starts on second pull now. the one problem with the newer saws, from any manufacturer, is that they have either non-adjustable carbs, or need crazy tools that are no longer sold to the consumer in the US, for EPA reasons.

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