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Hitachi Koki Acquires The Business Of Tanaka Kogyo


Auburn, WA
Tanaka Brand and Business Continues, Now with Additional Financial Strength

AUBURN, WA (May 1, 2007) — Effective May 1, 2007, the business of Tanaka Kogyo will be transferred to Nikko Tanaka Engineering Co., Ltd., a newly established subsidiary of Hitachi Koki Ltd. Simultaneously, the business of Tanaka America will be transferred to Nikko Tanaka Engineering U.S.A., Ltd., a subsidiary of Hitachi Koki U.S.A., Ltd. (Hitachi Power Tools)

As part of the agreement, the Tanaka brand will continue and all employees will remain in place. The Tanaka business will benefit greatly from Hitachi Koki’s intent to invest heavily in the research and development of new Tanaka products.

“We have great respect for the quality of the Tanaka product line and for the many innovations Tanaka Kogyo has made over the last 50 years,” said Karl Miyamoto, president and CEO of Nikko Tanaka Engineering U.S.A., Ltd. “We believe that the business transfers between Hitachi and Tanaka will create a positive boost for the Tanaka business all over the world.”

On December 22, 2006, Tanaka Kogyo filed a petition for the commenc¬ement of civil rehabilitation procedures with the Chiba District Court in Chiba, Japan. This transfer of business will be made in accordance with the Japanese Corporation and Civil Rehabilitation Law in the form of business transfer.

About Nikko Tanaka Engineering U.S.A., Ltd.
Nikko Tanaka Engineering U.S.A., Ltd. (“Nikko Tanaka USA”) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hitachi Koki U.S.A Ltd. and responsible for the sales & marketing, customer support, assembly, and order fulfillment of the Tanaka power equipment brand in North America. Tanaka’s innovative product line provides professional landscapers, homeowners, and utility professionals with two-stroke powered, commercial outdoor power equipment solutions. Nikko Tanaka USA is headquartered in Auburn, WA, and Tanaka products are sold through independent dealers, W.W. Grainger, and other specialty accounts.

About Hitachi Koki U.S.A., Ltd.
Hitachi Power Tools carries an extensive line of professional grade tools and accessories for: woodworking, metalworking, concrete drilling and cutting, as well as a complete line of pneumatic nailers, staplers, compressors and collated fasteners. During the 1980s Hitachi Power Tools U.S.A. built its reputation for quality on the success of its pneumatic framing nailer and sliding compound miter saws. In 1995 Hitachi Power Tools U.S.A. was renamed Hitachi Koki U.S.A. to denote the addition of manufacturing to the United States.