Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by dem, Oct 6, 2005.

  1. dem

    dem LawnSite Member
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    Noel, looking at your online catalog and I'm interested in the HL-18 lights. It says they are coming soon. Can you give me an idea of when "soon" is? :)

  2. Frog Lights  LLC

    Frog Lights LLC LawnSite Member
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    Thanks for your interest. The HL-18 is $29 wholesale. We offer it to Lawnsite members at $20 each with free shipping. That is available in Black, Bronze, Verde green. Cast aluminum with bulb and long power leads.
    We are in the process of updating the web with all the new goodies !
    If you like the CAST jumbo spot light we have a like item ..

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