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i have a customer with half and acre and has lots of things in there lawn to mow around i chage $35 is it worth it to mow through dog poop they have? in the back yard. please state your opinions


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Dog poop? I wouldn't run through it every week for $100.

Some guys pick the stuff up and eat it while they mow 'cuz they like it so much.

Maybe you can find you place somewhere in between? ;)


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.5 acre of turf or .5 acre property? $35 is our minimum and goes to about a 10k yard assuming its pretty much open.

Dog poop is part of the game. I tell customers to pick it up and most do but you will run into it a few times, a part of the game.
Feel happy it's just dog poop and not a actual "dog." When I first started, I learned the hard way. I had a customer insist, they couldn't leave the pet in on mow day. They still insisted the dog wouldn't bite, yada, yada, yada. We agreed, I wasn't responsible for the pets welfare although I would shut the gate behind me. Needless to say, that dog would bark and growl at me and have me so paranoid I would trim backwards with one eye on the dog, one eye trimming. The dog would do these stupid dead run springs at me and stop. One day he did a full dead on sprint at me and me fearing he was going to attack me, my whipper kept spinning and caught him right on the nose. Owner and I already had an agreement, his words, "the dog will learn it's lesson." I hate working in dog poop, but as someone said above, it happens from time to time. I WILL NOT work around dogs anymore though.


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Dog poop is dog poop if you are fine with your price don't worry about it.....just make sure your have 5-6 houses left after that house to cut for the day that way by the time you get back to your shop the poop is gone. No one wants to change blades when tires and under deck is caked with some fresh poop
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