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    i have recently started a small landscaping business and have been asked to perform a task that i am not capable of performing efficiently.that task is mowing a massive field that has grass/weeds about 3 feet tall. Thus, i figured i could give the job to a friend of mine who has a business that would be able to do the job. what is the usual procedure as far as payment goes? do i get a percentage of the job paid to me by the company i gave the job to?

    thanks a lot
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    Sub it out to your friend. Ask him to give you a quote for the project, take his price and tack on 15-30%, submit your price to the client. Pretty simple.

    If liability insurance is required, make sure your sub has it.
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    Bullethead is right , but if you add too much , the price may not be competitive and your client may get someone else to do it - I have a few trusted associates who don't compete with me directly and we pass work back and forth for mutual gain and benefit - many times we don't upcharge but in the long term we all benefit.

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