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LawnSite Member
Newbury, OH
has anyone ever tried using triples (3 blades per spindle). I just put doubles on my 52" Lesco WB and i absolutly love them but i was wondering if anyone has ever tried them. I don't think my mower could handle it but just putting it out there. Thanks :drinkup:


LawnSite Silver Member
What about the strain on an engine? Some guys say that doubles take away a little bit of power. I could not imagine what "triples" would do to an engine even on the bigger 30+hp machines. What about on a "bush hog" type machine? could they be used on something like that?



LawnSite Member
arcadia fl
i recently tried doubles on my 60" xs and the blowout was un bearable. and gas consumption went from an average of `1.5 gal per hr to 2.1. took those guys off and winged it with good ol' singles. cuts just fine.



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largo, FL
It would be much more difficult to balance the assembly on your spindles for 3 blades. Two is not problem, just put them at right angles and your fine, but 3 is a different story. Also, three blades would most likely wear your mower to nothing, they are designed for 1 blade, not 3.


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This is the first and only place I've ever heard of this practice, I've even asked around here and people just kinda look at me, lol... The closest I heard is back in the late 80's or thereabouts supposedly Craftsman produced a model for ONE year that ran doubles, and we couldn't locate anything else about it.

As for me, I WOULD try it but just thinking of sharpening TWO sets of blades per every day of use puts me right back out of the mood. That and if you've ever replaced spindle bearings (I have to replace 3 every year), there isn't much in the world that can convince me to do anything that even MIGHT reduce their useful lifetime at all.

But why not run octets, 8 blades per spindle then call it the Octopus :)

sorry, it was irresistible, I suppose if doubles work for you then I will be understanding of this in much the same way some folk HAVE to understand I run nothing LESS than 93 premium, heh.