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    this is the end of my first year. i have 12 customers. i use a 99' snapper wb. so i have this 84 year old customer who's lawn i mow for 35 bucks, takes me 30 minutes, so im happy with that. 2 weeks ago i go to mow it and knock on his door to get the details of some flower bed cleanup... no answer, then nieghbor comes over and says he is in the hospital and they just found out he has pelvic cancer... so i mow it and leave... i've tried calling a 3-4 times since then with no answer. he had always answered before or returned my cal promptly. im now supposed to go mow it for the last time of the year, but i really dont know if i will be paid. and i doubt that i'll be mowing it next year.... i guess i have no idea if he will be ok or not.. but 84 is really old, so i guess im just assuming he at minimum wont be living there. so im not sure if i should even mow it. sucks because the pay was good... but i dont want to waste my time or have to try and contact his relatives for payment. what would you guys do? i doubt the lawn really even "needs" to be mowed, as its been really cold out. i dunno, i really dont want to mow it or deal with trying to find out how to get paid... is that wrong of me?
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    I would just go ahead and mow it for the old man and make it look nice.
  3. Sharp Services

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    I agree .... a large number of my customers are seniors and I have lost a few to old folks homes or worse. The family has always kept me on until the home is sold.

    I would go ahead, clean the yard and mail a bill ... I bet the family will forward payment. Leave a card in the bill and on the door so his family can contact you.

    Hope he is ok ..........
  4. JTF40

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    Exactly. I would take care if it and make it look nice for him IF he returns home. DO NOT worry about the $70. I promise, it will do your heart good. Remember, you will be in his shoes someday and maybe that could be your dad. :usflag:

    See my quote below. :weightlifter:
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    I agree, I would mow it knowing I might not get paid. Try sending a bill...and a get well card.
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    yup, me too.
    Just one last time, spend 30 minutes there make it look best you can, and c'ya.

    You never know, you may still get paid, pelvic cancer isn't the end of the road, he's probably undergoing surgery, I dunno...
  7. Liquidfast

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    So, Ill take my grandmothers car to get fixed. She also is 85 years old. Ill leave it with the mechanic and tell him she is sick, not sure if you will get paid but go ahead and do it anyway? I say to heck with the old guy. He is nothing but a burden on society anyway.

    Now for the real jtf40 said, it will do your heart good. Do it, feel good about it and the WHOLE family will remember you.

    If it were me, I would do it, place a card in the box stating I hope he gets well soon and that I maintained his property this week at no charge in hopes of him returning to a beautiful home and wish him well.

    Thats just me, I have a big heart.
  8. WildWest

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    You got me on that one... I was thinking WTF...Who's this a-hole.... till I saw you say "Now for the real post"! :hammerhead: You got me!
  9. You'll get paid. Folks are so grateful you take care of them in time of crisis they fall all over themselves to keep you paid.
    If he does pass away you have the job until the estate is settled. I once mowed a lawn for 3 years after the customer died. The checks just come as (deceased's name) etal. Which means "the estate of". They always pay too, because then you have a claim against the estate which could delay the estate being settled.
    Just after a month or so make contact with the executor of the estate. Let them know you have an agreement to maintain the property.
    Just give them a little space. No one's thinking about the lawn right now but you. Whatever happens they'll be glad you didn't let them down in time of need.

  10. KS_Grasscutter

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    Ok, are you serious? Make it look nice, so if he does come home, it will be nice for him. What I would do, is do the cleanup and the mowing, and then give him a get well card, and tell him to "please pay at your convenience" or something like that. Really, IF he did pass on, I would not worry about $35, if you didnt get paid. I am guessing he has family in the area, do you mow for them? I will guarantee you that if you make an issue of it, you WONT. But, I am sure that the family may notice if you continue servicing the lawn and not making getting paid the main issue.

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