Ho do you guys get bids?


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I am doing about 50 residential and a couple of small commercial accounts, but I think the big money is in the commercial accounts. Do you guys call them, do they call yall, or do yall knock on doors? I am going to do between 20k and 30k this year, but if I can get some yearly commercial accounts I think it will greatly increase my income. <p>Rick Wallace<br>Lawnworks

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Check in your news paper. Also you can ask for bid spec's on places. Research it!!! Even on the net you can find out about bids.<br>Be very carefull the lowest bid wins in most cases. Try not to bid so you don't make a profit. Good luck!!! Travis AG&G Lawn Maintenance


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Rick..Just ask.....stop in at local factories and ask....they can direst you...but dont give up residential i know a lot will say im crazy but you tend to keep residentials year after year and commercial accounts come and go in a hurry...have a good mix of both...good luck!!!!

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