Ho made Aluminum tandem trailer

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by captbob, Jun 2, 2007.

  1. captbob

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    Hi I just completed a trailer I made completely out of Aluminum including the torsion axles.It's 14 x 6.6 with .60 gauge aluminum canopy cypress deck covered
    with 2 - 6x8 truck bed mats. I welded every thing with a Miller 30 A Aluminum Mig spoolgun powered by a 251 Millermatic welder. Ho made trimmer rack four 4 implements and custom made blower holder for the turtleback 600 series blower . Less than half the weight of steel and tows great the ramp is Sewer grate from Washington D.C found at a Salvage yard and most all the oval tubular tubing is from a marine mfg. co that makes T tops and flybridges for boats but all andonized The Prolocker holds the Lazer and by fate the E tracks fit right over the front frame and rear wheel of my little backyard machine Phazer 34 in with a motorcycle tie down. Took about a month to make in my backyard. I will try and post some pics
    Capt Bob

    1 traier 11.jpg

    1 trailer 2.jpg

    1 trailer 5.jpg

    1 trailer 7.jpg

    1 trailer 6.jpg
  2. corey4671

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    I sure hope that Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton don't read this..
  3. captbob

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    That's my nickname instead of Captain some of my friends call me "HO"
  4. YukonG

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    Awesome trailer. I'm a welder also; so I can really appreciate your work.
    Why are the axles so far to the rear?
  5. Eric D

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    Very nice job! I really like the look. LED tail lights really set the whole thing off nice.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Eric D
  6. JTF40

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    VERY nice trailer - you should be proud. I was wandering about the axle position, also. :usflag:
  7. Jason Rose

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    I have a bunch of questions... The axle position? What the heck is the top for? Why do you have the trimmer racks so that you can only get to them from the inside? It looks like an enclosed trailer and a boat trailer mated and had a half-breed offspring. Granted it's "pretty" being all aluminium and shiny.
  8. captbob

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    The Top give's me needed shade and deflects the direct rain it's nice to sit on a cool seat in august rather than a butt sticking hot one plus it keeps the pounding rain from totally hammering my equipment. I put the rack on the inside for two reasons theft for one you have to enter the trailer to release the lock it's a problem I would rather solve than deal with plus I really dont
    mind walking up the ramp to grab my trimmer get A drink catch some shade
    ect. I am having some roll down Seamark material curtains made as we speak to pretty much enclose it when I park it on my property so I do not have to unload it during the rainy season they go from the top rail that hems the canopy to the bottom rail and completly encloses the front.I can drive with them down but most likely will leave them rolled up till I need them. So I have to have the rack on the inside for that anyway. As far as axel placement I started with a boat trailer frame with crossmembers and that's it - I had the aluminum solid axles from an old trailer I mounted them as far forward as possible I manage about the same tounge weight as my larger charter boat no problem with the expo no sag and tracks like a dream having the heavier
    52 in Lazer engine behing the rear axel helps and being a tandem distrubuites the weight accross the undercarriage it would never work with this arrangement with a single axel as an added bonus the aluminum is much much lighter than a steel of the same size . I did my homework on this one
    and got what I wanted. The Capt

    1 trailer 8.jpg
  9. jsf343

    jsf343 LawnSite Bronze Member
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    WOW, that is really impressive. Very nice work. Whats your next project??
  10. dcondon

    dcondon LawnSite Silver Member
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    It's different but I like it. One thing about it people will never forget the LCO with the different trailer. Great job!!!

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