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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Penscape Landscaping, Mar 4, 2008.

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    I bid on a townhome hoa and felt really good about it. I bid an average price and felt confident. I spoke with the assistant and discussed the problems they were having with there property. I am spoke with her on friday and she said that i was the top of the list but was in the middle in the pricing. I spoke with her today and she said they chose to hire this company that they fired 2 years prior for not doing the job. It pisses me off because she said that the bid was chosen based on price and that each unit was going to have to pay 3.83 more per month for my estimate. Dang that is bad!!!! I told her that when he was not fulfilling there wants to give me a call and I could professionally make there property look good!
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    Why would any one hire back a company that they fired just a couple of years ago? If they didn't do a good job then what makes the HOA think that they will do a good job now? They get what they pay for and I am sure they will be calling you in the future. Sorry to hear the bad news.
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    I kindof agree you need to follow up with them, and make sure you do so whent he grass is growing like mad and its tough for almost anyone to keep up witht he clippings and such. That way you catch them when they area already thinking that the new guy is keeping their end of the bargain. Now granted, you may not be able to do any better than the new guy is at that same time, but I bet you there isn't as much follow up with other companies that lose a job. Everyone is afraid to follow up and ask how its going. At least thats my general impression, so many people just lose a job and never go back to those people to see if they are still satisfied.
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    Welcome to th wide world of bidding on a commercial work. You never know what they are going to do or why they do, but what it prolly came down to is price. It will make you laugh when you go past in a couple of months and you see it look like crap.
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    Don't let things like this get you worked up. It is going to happen again, trust me. I look at it this way....My goal is to have quality customers who appreciate the extra mile we travel to make them happy. If I don't get a new customer because of price, then maybe they aren't the right fit for me either.
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    I think that it is good news for you because they choose price over quality. Indeed, you pay for what you get.

  8. Penscape Landscaping

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    With a comment like that, you just made sure that she won't call you. Not real professional, maybe true but not professional.
    Hey Epic I appreciate that! I did not quote it that way word for word but I am not here to argue! I m here to learn and I do consider myself a professional!

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    With commercial work, a lot of the time they say they are worried about quality but 90% of the time it's about price. I lost a HOA today...seems one of the homeowners gonna do it with his MTD rider:hammerhead: There went 7K........Oh well.
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    I bid a HOA last year. They were complaining about quality and not everything getting done that they wanted. They even had me bid on more than they were already getting. So I turned the bid in. Got call that I was almost $5000 higher for the year than the last company and they were going to stay with them. Now in my book, doesn't better quality and more extras cost more than poor quality and not doing everything your supose to costs. Go figure. HOA:rolleyes: Marc

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