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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Threeponys, Feb 24, 2003.

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    Did the search thing but nothing really found.
    Have a few commercial accounts that have been "suggested" to bid on in the last week. I'm more than ready but ..... HOW?

    Looking for some bid proposal format to go by when I write a letter to the association or property management. Have the liability insurance so that's no biggie here.

    Is there a standard proposal letter that the industry uses? Should I include the cert. of liab. with letter or just mention in the letter?

    Here's an example of a HOA property I drove to check out today. Brick walled along the street. Grass area betwen street and wall approx. 20' deep and (by speedometer) .4 in length. Has several medium sized trees all along the way staggered. Any thoughts appreciated.
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    I currently have a contract with an HOA that has approximately 65 acres of common grounds to maintain. You really need to have someone from the grounds committee tour the area with you and describe exactly what needs to be maintained. There can be areas that nobody sees that you may have to maintain. I would not give them any insurance papers until they ask for it. Since all HOA's grounds are different there really is no standard proposal. Keep in mind that some HOA's want a complete service; mowing, trimming, pruning, brush removal, landscaping, mulch replacement, etc. Bid as you would normal lawns, by the time that it will take to complete.
    HOA's are very good jobs to have because your name is in their newsletters and if you do a good job for them you can get more business on private residence lawns.
  3. Threeponys

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    from Texas
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    Thanks Lombardi for your input.
    Have heard to hold back on the insurance unless asked. From checking out the neighborhood area, I didn't notice other common areas to be cared for. Do understand your point though. I guess what I'm looking for is what to have in a letter and what NOT to have in there.
    The most resent HOA I've been told of is very unhappy with the current/past LCO and has said its open for bids. Want to score but not sacrifice time, money, or service.
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    I would ask the HOA what, specifically, they were upset about with the last LCO. If it is a high income area they may be very demanding and want someone who is very meticulous in their work.
    Give them a guarantee on how long the work will take each time. They don't like it to be spread out over a very long time.
    One idea for your bid is to offer a big discount on landscaping material. I sell all material to them at my cost. I charge normal labor rates.
    Offer spraying of pond banks, walking trails, if applicable.
    Offer to remove trash from trash cans, if any on common grounds.
    Guarantee that the grounds will look good for all holidays. Don't work on the holidays or weekends if you can help it. This is when the people want to be able to enjoy their grounds.
    Remember, HOA contracts can be very profitable and can lead to more business if your good and professional. That's why I don't mind sacrificing a little more time or profit to keep them happy.
    They may even pay you more if you guarantee better results. Most HOA's have a lot of money put away and usually the biggest expense they have is for grounds maintenance.
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    I just found this post in the depths of lawnsite. Lots of great info. It is getting to be the time for bids again!!!

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