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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Toatlandscape, Aug 11, 2002.

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    I was approached by a board member of a local subdivision. He is interested in having the entire subdivision done by one contractor.

    Here are some of the high points

    1. They want all houses in a given area done at one time, completely then move on to another area. 300 single family homes.

    2. They want all if the irrigation systems inspected and maintained.

    3. They want trash and trash cans picked up and cans placed up by garage doors.

    4 They want weeds in cracks sprayed with round up.

    5. They want the shrubs trimmed.

    6. They want the shrub beds sprayed with round up.

    7. They want fertilizer applied 3 times per year ( they will supply the fert.)

    And here is the kicker . Do you know what they would be willing to pay for this service. They can go as HIGH as $40 per month.
    I gave him my card and said when he gets a spec sheet together give me a call. I am not holding my breath. The sad part is that he will find someone to try to give this much service for this price.
  2. As seen in #4 I knew weed and crack had to enter the equation:dizzy: :dizzy: :dizzy:

    I think the snow removal would be worth the 40 month, as long as its a year round contract;)
  3. Potomac Lawns Inc.

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    you did mean $ 40.00 per month right, you are not leaving any zeros off are you?:confused:
  4. So is that up to $1200 a month at $40 a place or $40 for the whole thing?
  5. That would be about the right price there Bob. $480 a year and if it snows once in 50 years you made some bank.
  6. ilovethisgame

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    Forty as in four zero per month for all the work described? If so I wouldn't touch one unit in the place for that much less the entie area. I'd have him add a few zeros after I got done laughing. :p

  7. crazygator

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    $40 (a place or month) x 300 total houses = $12000 on my calculator.

    But even so, now you know why he wants only 1 contractor. Maybe the total will dazzle their eyes and someone will jump at it without looking it through. Or maybe looking at the actual property will cause you to jump at it. Let us know what is going on, or if this guy is crazy....:dizzy:
  8. OOps missed a zero:rolleyes:
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    Our lots are usually less than .25 acre .....Cost of living is much cheaper ...we have no state income tax ....so don't think prices found in NY, VA, PA or much N or FL will compare

    What size lots ?? .... Common grounds is extra ?? Lots of extra's to sell?? ....

    $40 a month's not too bad for 300 units ....more than likely under 4k turf (fert n hedging as part I don't like ....I'd like that seperate as some homes may be more detailed than others ...we also charge extra for back yards ) ...we do a similiar job with 125 units ....average 16 mins per home n or just under 40 total man hours per cut ...or under 1700 hrs labor yearly(this is just the homes) ....say you pay out $12 per hr (all said n done...taxes, wc etc.) thas under $25k for labor ....if we got $ 30 per home per month ...that's $45k income ....or almost $20K
    granted other #'s gonna eat in the bottom line ... but we get lots of extra's $$$ ....n charge seperate for fert, hedging etc. ....300 units is a lot of headache ... lots of cash flow needs ...don't forget each individual that sprays will need a "blue card" ... W/C if more than 3 employees

    Don't jump into something of this size with out thinking it well out ... that is a huge job ....good luck
  10. TurfGuyTX

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    I think I'm confused about the numbers too. Are you talking about weekly service? If so, that doesn't sound good to me. I hope it works out for you.

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