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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by grassmasterswilson, Jan 27, 2011.

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    anyone want to help me on this bid. 19 town or patio homes. little over 10 acres total size, but from what I can figure about 7.75 acres of grass. It's the 19 homes with double drives.


    I was thinking about $400 per cut, but that may be a little low. The only trimming/edging is really around the houses and drives/curbs. Meeting them on Monday to get the details. Hoping for mulch, pruning, and apps.
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    We had a HOA slightly smaller that we charged $700 week. Problem was after a few months the presidents changed and they thought we should use 21 inchers on the whole property and also bag entire property. We had a crew of three and it took us around three and a half hours. That was with one guy on a 36 hydro (for common areas) and one guy on 21 mower doing fronts and a guy trimming. The place looked great but the old man thought the job should take eight hours instead of 3.5. Also a number of residents wanted different heights and a number of them complained about the angles. They wanted the lawns cut at the same angle every week? The previous company mowed the entire place with a 52 rider. Fronts too. Looked horrible. My crew dreaded that place. It was like a CULT of old angry seniors! I even rode along one day and within a couple minutes of showing up at the HOA the elderly president came out to complain. PITA! I dropped them a month before the season ended and saw many other companies bidding the job. One day my crew saw another company mowing and stopped over to talk to the guys. They got the job for 400 week! My guys told them we had been mowing it for 700 week and they were in shock. The previous company before us got 750 a week. They lasted for about three weeks before they quit. Just get everything in the contract. 400 way to low IMO. Good luck.
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    I have seen this place you are bidding on. I have some properties I service on byerly drive and from the back this place looks like it would have a lot of trim work and be very tedious. The previous LCO was there every Thursday like clockwork and was running a 3-4 man crew and it would take them half a day. Beware of HOA, I put a bid on a similar one a few years ago and the man just in the bidding process was allready trying to tell me how to "edge" right. Good Luck
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    how many mowers would you be running and how many guys would you be using...i would estimate around $650 to $700..just an estimate without looking at the property

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