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HOA Guys?


LawnSite Silver Member
S.I., NY
I was approached today by a woman wanting a pretty involved sod/landscape layout. Not so much big, but involved. The question is she lives in condo, on a corner property, and they have company that does the whole thing. She said she doesn't need any lawn service for that reason, but the landscape/sod she does.
You guys who cut those developments, what would you think if you saw some guy working like that on one of your accounts, even if it had nothing to do with lawn service? I'll prabably give the estimate, she approached me, but should i expect this guy to say something?


LawnSite Silver Member
Morgantown, WV
Adam,if they don't handle the individual personal accounts, it's pretty clear. Most of the HOA s we work for are the same. We provide basic common area upkeep & maint., but individual homes are free market to anyone.Sometimes there are as many as 4 or 5 LCO's in one neighborhood here, all providing non-covered services from HOA agreements. We do our fair share of upselling to them as well.Good luck..


LawnSite Bronze Member
Kitty Hawk, NC
I do not see foresee any problems. We do lots of HOA's. Our contract covers different areas on just about all of them. The homeowner is free to contract with whoever they want for non-contracted work.


LawnSite Member
We specialize in HOA's...All of ours we mow Commons areas, and each individual home, each lawn is on our fertilizer program and on a non-contractual basis we do snow removal each winter. We are set in contracts on what we must do to each yards each week and we are allowed to advertise other services, such as landscaping and in some cases, when not included in contract, tree trimming. But have never had any agreements that have locked the homeowners into using us and only us for all their needs.

If that is the case for some reason, then the homeowner knows not to approach you for a bid. I'd say you'r ein the clear. Wouldn't bother me if i saw another LCO in one of our HOA's. Even if they were mowing a yard. We still mow that yard each week and get paid. Go for it...