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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by clallen03, Mar 13, 2007.

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    I have a new client that has signed up for fert and weed control program. Bittercrest has took over about 25% of the lawn, so the HOA sent her a ugly letter.

    Now this clients is insisting that I cut it down, but I want to treat it first before I mow. She says the HOA will fine her if its not mowed.

    I plan to mow it tomorrow but I'm going to bag it so I can avoid spreading seed around the lawn. But I'm up in the air if I'm going to spray 3-Way with my backpack or just spread Post with my spreader. Post will be faster but I get better results with spray.

    What would you'll do?
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    Think about what you're doing--grass will be greening up if not already in GA. Weeds will continue to grow unless they're winter annuals. Why not mow, then quickly give the yard a split application of weed and feed. One way or another--you're going to have to deal with the weeds. Do you put a pre-emergent shot in your program or did she sign on too late for that. In Ga, you're about three (3) weeks ahead of us. Timing is everything. I did Pre Emmergent on my yard in SC with granular Atrazine at Christmas and a killspray at end of January. Ready to Feed now. Can't do anymore pre-emerge or weed and feed combo because of overseeding in a few months. Maybe this will help or one of the other guys with warmer turf has a suggestion. Again Timing is everything

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