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    Hi everyone,

    I have been running my landscaping company for 2 years to put myself through school. Saying that, I do not have much experience because of my lack of time in the industry and because the time school consumes.

    Someone from the board of an HOA recently contacting me about a full service landscape contract. Note that I have no experience dealing with type of account. The board member had shown me the service plan they were looking to get contracted - very extensive, full service / seasons maintenance.

    Realizing the amount of time, labor and expertise needed to complete this contract I reached out to a friend who has been in business for almost a decade (who also has experience with commercial properties and HOA accounts).

    What I plan to do is have him quote the property and then him and I will divide the work up. My friend is a good guy and I trust him. However, I do want to see the contract before making things final. I want to receive a commission based on me finding the contract (assuming the quote is accepted) - should I try to negotiate a percentage or how should I go about negotiating a commission?

    Also what are things I need to consider about the HOA?

    Customer service
    Contract details

    All advice is greatly appreciated!


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